Podcast Episode 17: This Yarn is My Best Friend

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Links to things we talk about in this episode:
If you want to see the collection of fair isle hats Staci has been knitting, here is her Ravelry notebook.

Video: Checking Gauge
Video: Getting Good Tension
Video: Math for Knitters, Substituting yarns

Video: Ravelry Tips, Using Advanced Search
Jared Flood – Brooklyn Tweed
Cobblestone Sweater
Book: Knits Men Want
Book: Knitting with Balls

3 comments on “Podcast Episode 17: This Yarn is My Best Friend

  1. Please don’t forget Alpaca yarn! I love it and people that have issues with sheep wool, may not with Alpaca.

  2. Hey there,

    For men out there who knit… there is a new magazine coming out geared towards men called rib.

  3. Hi, Staci and Casey,

    I’ve started knitting a hat from a Purl Soho pattern. It’s a basic hat with a garter stitch brim and ear flaps. I’ve begun it in a solid slate blue color, but thought it would be fun to add a bit of Fair Isle. Can I simply find a Fair Isle snippet and make it work with the number of stitches I cast on? I don’t want to do more than a few rows of it, stopping way before the crown decreases start. Love your podcasts!

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