A Few Scratches and Dings

I have a new foster Basenji through Basenji Rescue…that happens all the time. No biggie, right?

But this one was a stray, and not an owner-surrender.
Well, not that uncommon.

But this one tested heartworm-positive.
Yikes, I’ve been here before.

But this one was hit by a car, and needed surgery for a broken bone.
Oh, lordy. Been there.

This one also needed a broken tooth pulled, and had to be neutered.
Really? Anything else?

Oh, yeah. Whipworms, a toenail broken off at the foot, and scrapes and bruises all over his body.
Stop! No more bad news about this dog!

pona-small.JPG This is Pona, quite possibly the sweetest dog in the world.

I picked his name because “pona” is the Swahili suffix for words having to do with healing and recovery. He just had all of his surgeries on Tuesday.

He’s such a brave little champ.

wendy-and-pona.JPG Pona was brought to a shelter in a small town in Texas after he had been hit by a car. Due to costs, the shelter was going to euthanize him. Basenji Rescue was contacted, and Wendy Hodges, a coordinator here in Austin, drove nearly six hours to bring him to Austin for treatment and fostering.

This is Wendy with Pona before his surgeries.

xray-lg.JPG Yeowch. This is Pona’s broken femur. See that spot that looks like two bones next to each other? That is supposed to be one long, straight bone.

The vet put a pin through the bone, and now his leg can heal.

pin.JPG Here’s his little shaved butt and his owey (okay, incision), as well as the location of the pin.

He isn’t allowed to walk or stand for a week, which hasn’t been a problem so far. I’m able to leave the crate open so that he can interact with the other dogs, and he doesn’t try to walk.

pona-and-tippy.jpg Now that we’re past the medical stuff, can I tell you that he is an awesome sweet dog? Just about a year old, and mellow as can be. He fit right into my pack without any trouble.

I’m really so lucky. He’s gotta be in pain. He could have turned out snarky and snappy. And he’s just the opposite.

bathtime.JPG My dogs really like him, but they still give him plenty of space to get the rest he needs.

Here’s Tippy, supervising the “bath” I’m giving Pona with some doggie wipes. (Poor Pona – he STINKS. If you can imagine the stinky bodily fluid, he’s wearing some of it. He can’t have a proper bath yet.)

img_8876.JPG See that giant lump on his side? That’s his RIBCAGE. He’s skinny.

Fortunately, that is going to be an easy thing to fix. Feeding him regular meals and not allowing him to exercise means that he should put on weight pretty quickly.

owey.JPG This is Pona’s future. He needs to heal a bit from his injuries, then he can hopefully start heartworm treatment in a couple of weeks. I’ll continue to foster him until he’s well, or close to it. Then we’ll find him an awesome forever home that will give him all of the love and attention he deserves.

His life is going to get better and better from here.

This is my website, and I can say whatever the hell I want, right? Okay, here it goes. I want to cause physical harm to Pona’s previous owners. I have no idea who they are, but if I ever meet them, I will punch them in the throat. They let Pona run loose without even a dog tag, and didn’t claim him at their small town animal shelter for three days, where he was forced to stay with a broken leg before he was brought to Austin for treatment. They also kept him underfed, and never had him neutered. They also didn’t bother with heartworm preventative, which is a huge thing here in Texas. WHY THE HELL DID THEY GET A DOG IN THE FIRST PLACE? Pona already suffered neglect at the hands of these people, and now he has to suffer more to get him back to good health – and it’s all their fault. Anyone want to go punch them with me?

All the punching aside, I feel fortunate to have Pona in my home. I think this is a good spot for him to recover, and he’s a joy to have around. Since my dogs are the laziest Basenjis on earth, my house is chaos-free…but the fact that I have three Basenjis means that Pona still gets nice interactions with other dogs. I also mostly work from home, which means that I’m here to tend to his needs – like carrying him outside to potty until he can walk again.

Last thing…Pona’s treatment is costing a fortune, of course. If you’re able, can you make a donation to Basenji Rescue, or buy one of our calendars? Information on both is available on the Basenji Rescue website. By the way, that’s Ike and Tippy on the calendar cover. 🙂

Thanks for listening to Pona’s story (and my rant!). Have a great weekend!

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  1. I’m right there with ya. Grrrr. People like that make me so mad!!! Pona is a lucky pup to be on the mend in your house with your pack. {{{{Puppy healing vibes and love}}}} from me, Moya and Sophie.

  2. When we rescued Vegas in 2002 he was bone thin, HW+, had every other imaginable worm a dog can get, his ears were crusted on the edges from frostbite and he also was still intact. Today he is a healthy boy around 10 and the sweetest basenji boy I know. Pona will make it and he will always find love. The rest is behind him.

  3. Do you think he was a puppy mill daddy ? here in CA it seems that the the neuter/spays are so controlled for the purebread B’s. This is so sad, Thank God he will have a happy ending. The pics are precious, he looks like a sweetie. I know many will want him, I would love to have him too : )

  4. I’m in shock – a roller coaster of emotions! What a story – what he’s gone through(the bad and the good), the shitty owners who didn’t take care of him but the all the amazing people who’ve helped him, and of course your G-I-ANT HEART to take him in and look after him. And your sweet pack that will teach him what a dog’s life is supposed to be. He’ll be barking at ‘possums and on the furniture in no time!

    You are truly an angel! Stacy is there anything I can do to help you? (just email me if you like)

    Thank you for sharing the story and I wish him a speedy recovery!

  5. Know this is gonna sound hopelessly greener, but here goes: I know exactly how you feel, and would like to do unofficial and non-basenjirescue-sanctioned violence to people who abuse their dogs, cats, kids, and wives/girlfriends, but would breaking some dumb-ass slob’s trachea really achieve anything? He’d eventually heal and take out his wussiness on someone weaker (the use of the masculine pronouns is deliberate, BTW, and not a question of sensibility but rather of stats). Then you have more abused pets, kids, women.
    So no. I opt for the way VP operates: the way she finds out about a dog in need; gets him medical care; takes him in and shows him what a real home is like, where pets are loved and love, where they’re so far beyond being pets that he feels the same. Again, the pronoun is based on stats; VP’s own Basenjis and most of her rescues have been male, but it doesn’t really matter: what matters is that she ACTS! And though she may get angry and despair at the stupidity of others, she acts with care, kindness and love. You folks are very lucky to have her in your midst, and so are you dogs!

  6. Beth – I thought about the puppy mill daddy possibility. But then I also thought that even puppy mill owners would try to keep a hold of their dogs and give them heartworm meds at least, right? Dunno.

    Pook – at least this is the first time I’ve felt violence toward previous owners. I’m sure it will pass. BUT – I just now took Pona out to pee, and I don’t know what I did, but I made him scream in pain. It’s difficult to handle him, but I was trying so hard not to hurt him, and he doesn’t have the morphine in his system anymore. My heart broke in two. And I want to punch his previous owners.

    Denise – you’re so sweet to offer help. 🙂

    Lindy – you’re evil! haha Anyway, James K. Polk is my next dog.

  7. Pona is so lucky to have a wonderful foster mom like you. As the mommy of a rescue pup I am so thankful for the foster parent who nursed him back to health so he could find a forever home with me. I’m headed over to the Basenji rescue site to see what I can do to help out. I will never understand the neglect and outright abuse of animals. Hugs to you and all of your adorable pack!

  8. Staci, can you get Pona on a throw rug and pull him outside – would he stay put until you get him out the door, so he wouldn’t have to be handled quite as much? (Something on wheels would be better yet. Mechancic’s creeper? But who has one of those laying around?)

    He must have a sweet temperament if he doesn’t snap at you when he’s in pain. I’m sending a kiss to plant on his forehead. 🙂

    What goes around, comes around. His abusers will get it back in spades. So will those who do such good in the world. Brava, my friend.

  9. What a story. I also adopted two BRATs who had a rough time (although not THAT rough!) A broken tail, and lots of scars made me wonder what happened… I am so glad that Pona is getting a second chance! Thank you, Pink Angel!

  10. The employee at the shelter said they have a mill in the area, but didn’t know if Bs came from it. We’ve been getting a lot of rescues from this part of Texas lately. 8(

  11. There is so much cruelty out there, towards kids, towards animals….its such a special thing to be able to be the person who takes animals and children into their home to heal…You are amazing. I’ve had 3 rescue dogs in my life, and grateful for each one. It’s all about the unconditional eh? And yes, I wanna punch em in the neck too, add a good swift kick to the arse alsO! I cannot understand it, it’s not in my realm of thinking how to be cruel.

  12. Staci, bless your heart,you are a Godsend to basenji’s and BRAT and I 100% agree with what Pook said. I wish Pona a swift recovery and I truly hope that all the challenges ahead go easier then expected

  13. Oh Stacy I am so glad he found you! I read your post one day after I had to have my beloved dog Samantha euthanized. She came to me as a rescue 14 yeas ago and had been abused. It left her with lots of issues, but she was my girl. I am right there with you wanting to HARM people who cause pain to animals through neglect and abuse. Thank you for being there for all the dogs who find their way to you.

  14. He looks and sounds like a wonderful guy; it’s obvious that whoever gets him will be getting a great dog. Once the rescue/foster bug bites you’re infected for life! We can help combat this kind of cruelty by doing as much good as we can and as you are doing. He is going to bloom under your care, his broken bones will heal and he will be fat and happy again. All my dogs are rescues and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    I’m off to make a donation. Everyone who can, please help, even if it’s just a little. I am fostering a rescued B-boy who needed minimal vetting, and BRAT is still only going to make about $100 on him. BRAT, Pona and many others like him need our help.

    Kudos to all of you out there who make a difference!

  15. There are people who need someone in their lives after the loss of a loved one. A basenji rescue helped me thru depression and gave me a purpose in life such as picking up toilet paper strung thruout the house, some chewed up door facings and pillows and couches and magazines and books and probably other forgotten items but who else can still love you after all that us imperfect humans do? Only God and Dogs. “Venegance is Mine sayeth the Lord” His wrath will be worse than any punch will be.
    I am ordering my calender after finishing this note

  16. I second that….I’ll be right behind you in trying to “penalize” the individuals(s) that let this happen to him……..

  17. I got so angry the first time I read about Pona I had to leave without commenting…I’m back and have re-read the story, the owner, the officials that found him and let him sit in pain for 3 days…it was all too much for me. I have two rescued cats and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The joy and laughter they bring to the household is priceless! I am sure you know the feeling, Pona is very lucky to have found you and I too am praying for a quick recovery.

  18. He is very sweet and beautiful.
    Don’t waste your energy being angry with the previous owner.
    Just love Pona. He is finally home:)

  19. Pona’s sweet face and your tale of his rescue just breaks my heart. I’m so sad that he has had to endure such pain, but grateful that you and others involved have helped to get him on the road to recovery. I would gladly sit next to Pona and pet him for hours. 🙂

  20. I agree some people never need an animal . They can’t speak for themselves and say ..” I’m hungry I want something to eat, please feed me” or “I’m hurting will you help me” . They do something that people seem to be unable to do and that is to give unconditional love no matter what their put though. ps ( have been learning alot from your knitting videos thanks

  21. A friend works with greyhound rescue and sent me this-if dogs could only talk. I can barely get thru it even tho I have read it a dozen times. You are an angel to give your time and love to these animals. I have always had rescue dogs and will until I can no longer care for them. Thank you for being you and thanks for the knitting videos!!
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