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  1. Hi, whenever I finish a row, my last stitch is always HUGE and uneven. How can I prevent this and make the edges of my rows look neater? Thanks!

  2. Hi Eleni,

    What I always do is to slip the first stitch purlwise on every needle.
    The second stitch is knitted (or purled depending on the side) as normal, BUT, after you stick the needle through and wrap the yarn, you give the yarn a little pull, to tighten te slipped stitch a little. knit/purl on as desired.
    When coming back to the slipped stitch on the reverse needle you just knit it (or purl, depending on the side). it will leave you with a nice row of enlarged v’s on the side of your work, very neat!

  3. My daughter finally wants to learn how to knit! I’ve been trying to teach her and I am going to sit her down with your videos to help her. I’m so glad you said Down down down when you were teaching this because she loves that song by one of those annoying boy bands and that’s part of the song so now I will be able to give her that to remember what to do after she wraps the stitch! I guess I have a reason to be grateful to one that goofy boy band now.

  4. Hi Staci,
    I am only 11 years old and I am learning how to knit on my own. So I think this website is awesome is the way it has detailed instructional videos on the basics and projects you do. I’m actually asking my mom to get me a kit that shows you how to knit a purse, headband and purse for Christmas! I know I’m probably the youngest person that has used your videos to help me learn the basics in knitting. So thank you and I hope that many other people continue to watch your videos.

  5. Hi Staci! I first saw your video on Youtube when I was looking for some help with knitting a glove. I must say you have really lovely website. I tried some of your techniques but i didn´t manage any of them (even the knit stitch :D). You know why? You hold the working yarn in your right hand. I live in Czech Republic and I have never seen it before. Everyone here knits with a yarn on the left forefinger. So I just found it interesing 🙂 different country different knitting 😉

  6. Hi Sue – thank you for the note! Yes, in most of the videos I demonstrate stitches while holding the yarn in my right hand. But really, there is very little difference between Continental (left hand) and English/American (right hand) knitting. The stitches are worked the same, the only difference is the hand where the working yarn is held. I have a video demonstrating the difference, if you’re interested:

    S t a c i

  7. I try to learn your way of knitting after many years of holding the working yarn on the opposite side. My problem: I cannot see how you hold the working yarn beyond the way it is wrapped around the index finger. I have no idea how to create some tension hold it your way. Here is an idea to another “basic video”
    Thank you so much for your wonderful demonstrations.

  8. hello,thanks for your knit stitch video ,because I have always thought
    I was doing the knit stitch, but I released tat I was purling !

  9. Thank you so much for this very easy video! For whatever reason I watched a number of other videos that taught the cast on very differently (yours is SO much easier,)and I was doing it wrong every time, ditto knit and purl stitches. I was so frustrated because I didn’t think that I could do this – but thanks to your basic of basic videos, now I can! Thanks!

  10. Hi Staci
    Thank you for your great tutorials! I have been able to learn many new skills even though I am left handed. My problem that I need help with is that I untwist the yarn as I knit, causing a lot of split stitches and time spent redoing work. Do you have any suggestions? I have tried knitting from the outside of the ball and rewinding the yarn but neither works.
    Thanks Patricia

  11. Hi Patricia – thank you for the note. Your problem might be with your needles, not with the twist on the yarn. You may do better with more blunt-ended needles (less sharp) that are less likely to split the yarn as you knit.

    Hope that helps!
    S t a c i

  12. I am struggling with an ergonomic method of holding yarn. I haven’t ever figured out how to get smooth tension no matter how I try to wrap, in either hand. Can you suggest a tutorial to help?

  13. Hi Linda – I don’t have a tutorial for that (it’s a good idea, though!). The best advice I can give you is to find the way that feels the best, and stick with it! The only way to get good tension is to practice and practice. If you stick with one method, your tension will improve.

    S t a c i

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