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  1. hi i have been watching your yourtube videos and they have really helped me make a sweeter times 2 but i wonder is you can show me how you hold the yarn as i find it hard to hold the way i think that you hold it as it just slips through and have no tension on it at all

  2. Hi, I wanted to thank-you as a new knitter for all the help. I’ve been too sick to go any where outside my home. I have learned all I need to knit on line. What a great joy for me. A ball of yarn and I’m happy. I’m doing dishcloths and scarfs right now,what fun. Thank-you for teaching a great way to weave in the ends. I sure didn’t like to do this but now it okay and I don’t mnd doing it.

  3. Staci I love your tutorials! I’ve made the hooded baby sweater–which was a big hit!–& I’m working on 2-a-time socks. I switched to continental knitting a couple of years ago which is great since I’m left-handed, but purling is a pain. Are there other purl methods I could try? Thanks in advance!

  4. Thank you for the note, Robin! I don’t know of any other purl methods, but I can tell you this. Practicing the one you’re currently using is the best thing you can do to improve your speed, and find that it’s less of “a pain”. 🙂 You got this.
    S t a c i

  5. Howdy Staci,

    I have a quick question– I am making a scarf using stockinet stitch (I just wanted a nice practice with it — I am knitting that stitch for the first time) and as I am progressing.. The side is curly … I wanted to ask — Is there any way to flatten up the sides and edges after I am done… I b’live you did mention in some of your videos about “steaming” the project with an iron… Would that work or is there any other method?

  6. Shay – I’m sorry, I have bad news for you! Stockinette is not a good stitch choice for a scarf, or anything knit flat. It will always curl. Stockinette is best used when knit in a tube, or when knit with a pretty heavy border in another stitch.

    I always recommend using a tried-and-true scarf pattern when you’re a beginner…this is a simple scarf pattern that I really like, and have knit several times:

    Hope that helps!
    S t a c i

  7. i would love to know how to get neat edging when i knit. If I am going to add a button band on to cardigan, my selvedge edge is always very very untidy.

    Hope you can do a video on this?

    Many Thanks


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