Learn to Knit Mittens

Basic mittens are quick and fun to knit, and are full of skill-building techniques you’ll use in tons of other patterns you knit.

Pattern includes three sizes – Women’s Small, Women’s Medium, Women’s Large (which is also Men’s Small).

This pattern includes links to five instructional videos to guide you through the new techniques you’ll learn.

Materials Needed:
• one skein of Lion Brand Wool-Ease Worsted (widely available at craft stores), or any worsted-weight yarn
• Set of 4 size 3 US double-pointed needles (3.25 mm)
• 2 ring stitch markers, tapestry needle, scrap yarn
Gauge: 6 stitches per inch, in stockinette

This pattern is available in three different formats, each includes links to 5-part video tutorial:

1. PDF Pattern, traditional and printable. $8.00 via PayPal

2. Amazon Kindle digital download (suitable for Kindle devices and devices that use the Kindle app): $6.00 US

3. eReader (For non-Kindle eReaders, like Sony eReader and Barnes & Noble Nook, or any device using the Google Play Books app) $6.72 US

56 comments on “Learn to Knit Mittens

  1. Kerri – while I demonstrate techniques in the video, you always want to follow the written pattern for the most accurate instructions, row-by-row. You can do both – pick up a stitch over the gap, and tie a knot to secure the tail end.

    S t a c i

  2. Hi Staci, I just want to say how fantastic your videos are, I live in United Kingdom and am a fairly new knitter, having tried to follow 3 or 4 different mitten patterns this is the only one that made sense of the thumb. Thank you so much for all the video help you give

  3. Hi Staci! I just had to comment! Finished my first pair of mittens ever! I’m a relatively new knitter but I have seen your videos on YouTube and thought I would give these a go. What an amazingly written pattern and great video tutorials! I’m so happy I finished them! I will be buying more patterns from you now 🙂 I do have a question though. I ended up using a different yarn for these. It’s a worsted weight 100% wool. I couldn’t really do the duplicate stitch on these because the v’s were very small and I didn’t end up having thin enough yarn. With that being said, could I do a intarsia type pattern on these instead? I want to learn colour work ( I’m going to be buying your snowflake hat pattern next to learn that!) but I wasn’t sure if it would be ok since the shape of the mittens? Thank you!!!!

  4. Cassandra – this mittens pattern calls for worsted weight wool, so based on what you said, you used the same yarn I did! The size of the Vs in your work is your gauge, or your stitches per inch. The gauge for this pattern is 6 stitches per inch, and if your gloves turned out the correct size, your Vs are most likely the same size as mine.

    You cannot do intarsia in the round – your working yarn is always in the wrong place (which is why I chose duplicate stitch for this pattern). But you can do fair isle:

    S t a c i

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