7 comments on “Make 1 Purl-Wise (M1PW)

  1. You videos are excellent. Thank you so much for the explanations and demos.
    I really appreciate all of these tutorials, there is so much helpful information in each of them.
    ~ Teresa ~

  2. Just used this to fix my stitch count on a scarf/shawl I’m knitting. Worked perfectly. Thanks for this video (and all the others too!)

  3. Hi Staci, love you tutorials!!!!
    I have used this stitch in a pattern and it didn’t seem to work out quite right so I thought I’d come see if you had a video and of course you did!
    I’m not sure if it’s because of I’m using cheap acrylic, but I get a hole in my work where I made the increase. Please help 🙂

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