9 comments on “Knit Front Purl Back (KFPB)

  1. Hello staci

    Whatever I learnt in knitting it’s from your videos and pattern an techniques. Very easy to follow and understandable. I have also followed penny Dublin and bought her DVD as well butt I was lost. Your baby shower patterns are so easy to follow. Recommend to every body coz if I can do any body else can do. Please upload more pattern for kids I want to knit a cardigan and ear flap har for my 3 year old son. Please thanks for your videos

  2. Hi Danielle – you really only want to do this stitch when a pattern calls for it. 🙂 It is sometimes used when there are both knits and purls in a row, and you’ll be going into purl stitches right after the increase.

    S t a c i

  3. Hi Staci, I am working on a shawl that calls for a s1wyf (slip one with yarn in forward position). Could you please demonstrate or tell me how to do this stitch?

  4. This stitch is used when you need to increase in pattern at the beginning or end of a row. I’m doing it now with a basket weave pattern.

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