Fancy Stitch Combo – Mesh Pattern Stitch

Information on things you’ll see in this video:
The LB Collection yarns I used in the samples are –
LB Collection Cashmere
LB Collection Crepe Twist

I used US size 8 (5mm) needles for the Crepe Twist yarn, and US size 6 (4mm) needles with the Cashmere yarn.

Instructions for working this stitch:
CO a multiple of 2 stitches
Row 1 (RS) K1, *Yo, k2tog; rep from * to last stitch, K1
Rows 2 and 4 Purl.
Row 3 K1, *SKP, yo; rep from * to last stitch, K1
Rep rows 1-4.

To work this stitch in-the-round:
CO a multiple of 2 stitches
Round 1: *Yo, k2tog; rep from * to end.
Rounds 2 and 4: Knit
Round 3: *SKP, yo; rep from * to end.
Rep rounds 1-4.

My Ravelry page for the shawl I’m wearing (not my design), can be found here.

The needles I use for demonstration are Knitter’s Pride Bamboo DPNs.

The nail polish I’m wearing is by Julep, color “London”.

In the video, I use two stitches for which I have slower demonstration videos. Here is knit two together (k2tog).
And yarn over (yo).

9 comments on “Fancy Stitch Combo – Mesh Pattern Stitch

  1. Staci,

    How many stitches, or multiple of stitch do you cast on for the Mesh Pattern stitch? You instructions do not state this for working the stitch, but for the instructions for in the round you state multiples of two. Is this number the same for straight knitting given you add a knit stitch at the beginning and end of the row?

    Thanks for the clarification.

  2. I think the mystery of the extra stitch you ended up with is related to my question. On row 1, when you do the very last k2tog, you then followed it with a YO, then the final k1. That seemed like one too many YOs to me, so that’s my question. Is there really a final YO?


  3. No – there is no extra YO…I added an annotation about how that extra stitch came back to bite me on the following RS row. Please follow the written instructions.
    S t a c i

  4. Apologies for beating a dead horse. If row 1 is:
    Row 1 (RS) K1, *Yo, k2tog; rep from * to last stitch, K1
    Shouldn’t you end with k2tog, k1 instead of k2tog, YO, k1?

    Maybe I should watch again – I may have imagined that last YO.

  5. Ok, I’ll shut up after this. It occurs to me that it wouldn’t matter whether you add a YO at the end or not, so it’s a moot point!

  6. I have downloaded the t-shirt pattern, but want to knit it using Simply Soft yarn. Can you give me the yardage required? Your pattern suggests that I use 6 skeins, but I’m not sure how many grams (or yardage) that means. I am so looking forward to knitting this pattern. Thank you.

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