Beau Felted Wrap


This project was a couple of exciting “firsts” for me – it is knit with YAK DOWN, and it’s a felted wrap. Yak down is an amazing fiber…it is as soft as cashmere, warmer than wool, and more breathable than wool. And a bonus, this project is available in a kit! In the video (below), I cover the techniques used in the pattern – chart reading, spit splicing, and felting.

Bijou Basin Ranch is a Himalayan Yak Ranch in Colorado, and the yarn they produce is under the label Bijou Spun. They also make a soap for exotic fiber called Allure. Be sure to visit their website to see all of the different fibers and products they offer.

Links to the kit, the knit version of the pattern (Beau), and the crocheted version of the pattern (Belle) below:

Beau/Belle Felted Wrap kit

Beau (knitted) Felted Wrap pattern

Belle (crocheted) Felted wrap pattern

More photos of the Beau Felted Wrap on Ravelry – be sure to like and queue!

My nail polish is by Julep, color “Janie”.

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  1. Yak yarn?! How cool. You’ve just given many of us another thing to covet. Thanks for introducing nifty stuff we might not have heard of otherwise.

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