Doppelt Hat and Mitts

I named this pattern “Doppelt”, which means “double” in German – it is a double-warm hat, and two hats in one. The free pattern includes links to a three-part video tutorial (below) and a bonus mitts pattern.

Women’s average (for a slightly larger or smaller fit, use a larger or smaller needle size)
Needles: Size US 4 (3.5mm) and US 5 (3.75mm) circular needles, 16” (or longer if you prefer to use magic loop), size US 5 (3.75mm) double-pointed needles for the crown of the hat and the mitts
Yarn: KPC Glencoul DK (70% merino, 30% cotton), details on amounts and colors below
Additional Materials: cable needle, tapestry needle for weaving ends
Gauge: 6 stitches and 8.5 rows per inch (2.5cm) in stockinette

This pattern is a FREE RAVELRY DOWNLOAD.

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Yarn amounts for both hat and mitts:

7 balls of Glencoul DK total
Thunder – 3 balls
Wicker – 1 ball
Pear Drop – 1 ball
Lagoon – 1 ball
Mist – 1 ball

If you want to do the HAT only, you’ll need one ball fewer of the main color, so 2 balls of Thunder instead of 3.
If you want to do the MITTS only, you’ll need 2 balls of yarn.

More info on things in this video:
The double-pointed needles I used are Knitter’s Pride Bamboo.
The cable needle I used is by Brittany.
My nail polish is by Julep, color Abby.

22 comments on “Doppelt Hat and Mitts

  1. Love it! I knit for kids who live in extremely cold climates and the double thickness will be perfect for them. Quick question. I was thinking of starting the hat off with the pinhole cast-on. Would that work? Thanks!

    • Hi Jess – I test knit this using the pinhole cast-on (as well as the kfb alternate stitch). If you prefer the pinhole CO, you can certainly use it! I prefer using a regular CO, so that’s what I used in the pattern.
      S t a c i

  2. Great Video! I’ve downloaded the pattern and ordered the yarn. Thank you for the warning about Hong Kong Dollars! I almost had a heart attack! My question is about changing colors of yarn. Once you finish the alternating of 2 colors on one row and a ready to knit in one color only, do you carry the yarn forward or do you cut it and weave it in? It seems like each yarn is used twice so I wasn’t sure which way was best.


    • Peggy – there is no need to carry any colors. The second use of each color is far enough away that it is easier just to cut the yarn and reattach the color next time you need it.
      S t a c i

  3. Phew! At first glance I thought your yarn budget was MUCH higher than mine before I realized the price was in HKD. Switched to US Dollars That’s more like it! LOL

  4. Thanks for the pattern. Love that hat! And what pretty colors! I hadn’t heard of that yarn before now.

  5. Hi Staci–as usual, this is such a lovely design! Just a quick question about the fit; if the head circumference is about 23”-24”, how would I adjust the size/or do I need to make it bigger?

  6. Cool project! Quite some time ago I did a pattern with this type of cable and I seem to remember that there is a technique for knitting the stitch in back before the one in front to get the cable twist without needing to use a cable needle.

  7. I’ve ordered the yarn, and am ready to knit once it arrives. Since I’m also in Texas, not sure who I’m making it for, but, can’t wait to try as I’m very intrigued by your pattern!

  8. Did you find this yarn grows when it gets wet? I made a search with US 3 and after washing I’m barely getting 12 sts per 2 inches. I have a kids size head and I’m afraid it will be too big. Any suggestions?

    • Are you using the KPC yarn I used? I didn’t have any issues with the fabric growing when it was wet. Sometimes yarn will grow, especially superwash yarns, but they shouldn’t if you follow the washing instructions on the label.
      S t a c i

      • Yes I am. I cast on with the 4’s and after washing I’m only getting 10 sts in 2”. Maybe I’m a really loose knitter. I never thought I was.

        • Don’t think of it as loose knitter/tight knitter…in any pattern, the gauge listed is just that of the designer, not any standard. It’s entirely possible that you’re a looser knitter than I am (the designer of this pattern), but your gauge is your own thing, and it’s easily enough manipulated to match a pattern. One needle size down should get you the correct gauge. Good luck!
          S t a c i

  9. Hi Staci. I’m on the second half of the hat and I can’t get the pattern to work out. I’ve had to rip out twice. Row 1 seems to be the problem for me. With 120 stitches the instructions say *P3, K2, P3* But it doesn’t work out. It ends with K2 and seems to throw the rest of it off. What am I doing wrong?

    • Virginia – sorry you’re having problems. The pattern repeat is 8 stitches, and fits into 120 stitches 15 times. Make sure your knit stitches are lining up with the ribbing (as shown in the pattern photos and videos) so that you can find out where you’re missing a stitch.
      S t a c i

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