Podcast Episode 73: Knitting and Healing

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November is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, and Casey’s interview this week is with Lauren Gaspar, grief counselor. This interview is a follow-up to the episode on Alice’s Embrace from a couple of weeks ago.

Other things we talk about in this episode:

Tesserino Cowl
Ravelry search for “mosiac knitting”
Determining Yarn Weight (wpi)
Spit Splicing
Accidental Increases

One comment on “Podcast Episode 73: Knitting and Healing

  1. I loved the interview about knitting and healing. I remember in 2012 when my son and his wife separated after more than 15 years together (10 years of marriage). I was distraught. At first I asked him to let me know every day how he was doing on a scale of 1-10. For about two weeks he texted me the number 6 every day. I realized this wasn’t going to work! So I asked if I could knit him a sweater. He said yes. He knew, after that, that I was knitting my heart into a super warm sweater for him, and it gave me somewhere to put my love and care for him in a non-intrusive manner. I was healed. I won’t say the sweater got them back together after two years, but at least the mother/mother-in-law didn’t throw a monkey wrench into things by sticking her nose in too far! 😉 I recommend knitting as a place to put the energy that usually goes into worrying.

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