Podcast Episode #78: Steven!

Casey’s website is kcknits.com.
To get your knitting question on the show, just email it to podcast@verypink.com.

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Our in-studio guest is my friend Steven. You can see his Ravelry project page here. You can see more of his photos (including his dogs) on his Instagram page. More info on the sweater he is wearing in the photo here.

Casey’s sweater that she was wearing while recording is her Purple Wenlock.

9 comments on “Podcast Episode #78: Steven!

  1. Thanks so much for having Steven on your show! I really enjoyed hearing his tips about knitting menswear. A refreshing change and a great guest!!

    • D. – if you’re using a podcast app, you can download the episode to your phone…but if you’re listening here on my website, there is no option to download. You can instead listen by streaming (just hit the play button).
      S t a c i

  2. This was super and so great hearing you chat with Steven, he’s an amazing knitter. Also, I don’t remember saying to Steven that vests should be more fitted than sweaters (but it’s true!)

    • Paige – not sure why you’re experiencing that…it’s working fine on my website here for me. You might want to reload the page and try again, or listen in a podcast app.
      S t a c i

  3. When I am finished winding a cake, I take the end tail and tie it through the yarn wrapper and let it sit under the cake as I pull from the centre.

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