Attaching Faux Fur PomPoms to Hats

In this video, I demonstrate how I attach faux fur pompoms so that they are secure, yet removable when I wash the hat.

The hat pattern I show is Branta.

The details of my Branta hat are on my Ravelry page.

The faux fur pompoms I use are the 4″ size from this Etsy shop.

The button I use is from here on Amazon.

5 comments on “Attaching Faux Fur PomPoms to Hats

  1. Love this hat with furry pompon. I have the pattern and yarn. So when I get brave enough, I will knit me a hat! Question: can you feel this button when hat is on your head?

    • Barbee – I suppose you might be able to feel it if the hat is quite tight, but usually there is a little room there, I’ve never felt a button.
      S t a c i

  2. Just finished my very first hat and am anxious to start another. Also just ordered some Faux Fur pom poms so I think I’m all set. Really like the button attachment idea…! Thanks for your tutorials, the best out there 🙂

  3. I like the use of the button. I have been using foam circles to support the pom poms, but I think this is easier. Thank you.

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