5 comments on “Podcast Episode 83: Feral Knitting

  1. Thanks for again a very entertaining and informative podcast! I just want to say that I can’t knit with those large needles either. But in the knitting group where I helped knitting ‘knitted knockers’ there were mostly older ladies that ‘rocked’ the long needles. One woman was knitting super fast on those needles by putting one under her arm(pit) so she only had to move around the yarn and the other needle (and I never saw her knocking things over with the needles ;)).
    Had to think of that while listening today 🙂

  2. In the topic of very long straight needles, some English style Knitters I have seen do one of the following; stick a needle into a knitting belt, or position their needles steady into their arm pit, or steady one needle in their stomach/belly button area for stability. I knit with both circular and straight needles as an English style thrower. I enjoy both types of needles equally. I chose my needle type based upon the project. Thank you for your podcast!

  3. I greatly enjoy your podcast and youtube vides, but I just wanted to give you a heads up that there is a Feral Knitter. Janine Bajus has been blogging under that title for many years. She is a gifted teacher and fair isle designer. Recently she published a lovely book titled The Joy of Color. I highly recommend it and her workshops if you’re interested in designing a fair isle project of your very own.

  4. You asked who uses those 14 inch vintage needles…. and that would be me! I’m a lover of all things vintage and though circular needles were invented in the late 20s (mostly to knit skirts) I have very few of those.

    One of my WIPs is on 1930s rubber 14 inch needles and I just fly along with them, but my “flying” is slow anyway

    Much love, Gamy

  5. You know, Janine Bajus is the feral knitter (feralknitter.com). The husband who heard feral instead of fair isle must have been channeling her, because she does fair isle. She’s pretty cool; saw her at Madrona Fiber Arts Festival in 2017.

    You guys are soooo funny. I love the podcasts. And Elby (of course). ?

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