That Knitting Thing

Remember how I used to talk about knitting all the time? I realize that since the move and the holidays, I haven’t really kept up on that whole knitting thing very well. Today I’ll fix that.

First up, I want to mention something I’m really excited about. I’m offering several knitting classes this month at The Knitting Nest. Not only are the classes filling up, but they’re overflowing with students. On nights when I don’t have classes, I’m usually taking students for private lessons. I’m LOVING it. I’m busy and making money and doing what I love to do.

I’ve mentioned before that Stacy is the owner of The Knitting Nest. We refer to each other as “the other Stacy”. Yesterday a friend came into the store when we were both there and said, “Hello, Stacys!” Plural. Hee.

img_8171.JPG This could have been the most boring photo ever, but I cutened it up for ya.

This is the pattern that I’m using for my upcoming sock class. It’s worsted weight, so it will be a quick knit. I made the pattern by combining the best features of a couple of free patterns available online, so that it incorporates everything a knitter will need to know to get started on socks.

Ike likes it.

img_7995.JPG This is the Leaf Lace Scarf by Twisted Knitter, which I’m using for my upcoming lace class.

It’s so pretty, and Janet is very generous to offer this as a free pattern. (Thank you, Janet!)

img_8174.JPG Next up – The Chartreuse Monster, my current WIP.

I’m keeping it a secret until it’s finished.

img_8167.JPG Doggie goodness time…

We just celebrated Abe’s 4th birthday last week. Now he’s all growed-up.

In this photo, I believe he’s caught the scent of a BBQ joint in San Antonio or something.

16 comments on “That Knitting Thing

  1. Happy Birthday, Abe! He’s just a few months younger than Max. Glad to hear your classes are going well and very popular! Thanks for the scarf pattern link – I’ve been looking for a pattern like that …

  2. Happy Birthday Abe!! I lol’ed outloud at the picture and your caption. I bet he smell’s the BBQ at Rudy’s in San Antonio! That stuff is supposed to be the kind to die for!

    I love seeing all the knitting!! I have kind of gotten into a funk about knitting and haven’t touched my sweater that I wanted to finish by Xmas in weeks. I need to break that funk. And I wished that I lived in Austin because I would be in all your classes!! If I am going to learn new stuff, I want to learn from the best!

    Have fun!

  3. Well I don’t blame Abe, because theres’ some good eating in San Antonio! Happy Birthday Abe and thanks for the lovely knitting photos.

    I’ve been making a shawl with a very similar lace pattern! That was a suprise to see on your blog!

    I’m so glad your teaching is so successful. Congratulations.

  4. Happy Birthday Abe! I hope you got some special treatment.

    Jubilee turns 12 on Wednesday. She’s hoping for a bagel, some bacon, and the fireplace left on all day.

    Love the scarf!

  5. Happy Birthday Abe! and that picture is adorable. Wonderful to hear how well things are going- I’m sure your students love you, and there is nothing better when your job isn’t really “work”!

  6. I love that damn store…. you’re blessed to get paid to do what you love, ya know?!

    I love that photo of Abe, he looks blissful. 🙂

  7. Happy Birthday Abe!

    And not to be outdone, Ike is looking rather spiffy too!

    Your blue scarf is beautiful — I love the well-defined lace; and I *so* appreciate your mentioning my pattern and linking! Thank you!

  8. I feel so much better now. I’d signed up for your lace class and was so disappointed that I’d not be able to make it after all. Only to find out you’ll be doing the leaf lace pattern. Coincidentally, I’d picked up some extra lace yarn when I signed up for the class, and the pattern I decided to try out was from a book I just bought a couple of weeks ago, which happens to be… this exact same pattern 🙂 Bigger coincidence? I’m wearing the scarf today for the first time.

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