Podcast Episode 24: Love the Swatch

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Louet – Louet has a new Needle of the Month Club, click through for more information. I’ve done several tutorials with Louet:
Sixes and Threes Cowl
ATX Linen Tote
Tesserino Cowl
Sharbella Shawl
Matterhorn Cabled Cowl

Eucalan – the fiber wash Staci uses for all her knits. (I’m in love with the Wrapture scent, a clean jasmine smell.)

And from Skeino, their new Turtleneck Sweater. Available in over 30 colors in Merino wool.

Links to things we talk about in this episode:
Casey’s linen tank with a sad story.
Ike’s Collegiate (Dog) Sweater Pattern

7 comments on “Podcast Episode 24: Love the Swatch

  1. I like that you are adamant about doing your videos in one take. Yes, I love your videos for their flow!! Also, love that you reference Julia Child. I always think of Ed Wood when I think of one take, and Julia is a better association. Although I absolutely love Johnny Depp in that movie called Ed Wood.

    Thanks for all your amazing work. You are so incredibly inspiring as a knitting professional and so helpful as as teacher. Thank you!

  2. Hi – just enjoying your podcast knitting Christmas ornaments and having a glass of wine…

    On the question about the knitting stitch shape (vertical line and one side of “v”… This is a usual look for a stitch when the yarn is a “single” meaning spun in one “thread” not a plyed yarn.

  3. On the question about knots. How about a small knot and then weave in the ends of the knots? Would that be both secure and attractive?

    Wonderful podcast ladies!

  4. Michelle – that’s exactly what I do. As long as the knot looks good (doesn’t always in bulky yarn) it’s both secure and attractive.
    S t a c i

  5. It’s also been my experience that single ply yarn has the mis-sharpen vs. I don’t care for that kind of yarn, so I don’t see the vs very often.

  6. I think this is the episode where you discussed dealing with ends in non-elastic fibers such as cotton, linen & hemp. I have very effectively used your video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4iOwsf4smQ on this question…the one where you weave in, then split the end and anchor with a double-knot. Love that technique. I have knit/crochet a lot in cotton because I have loved ones who live in a tropical climate.

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