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  1. Very professional looking videos and I finally learned how to do the jogless color change…thanks!

  2. I have always tied a knot at my color changes and right up until today, I have felt bad about it. Thank you for the validation that the knit police isn’t going to rap my knuckles with a ruler!
    You rock!

  3. Oh man, why didn’t I watch this last week when I needed it? Oh well, the next hat will be PERFECT! Thank you, Stacy!!

  4. How do you do this in garter stitch? I’m making glittens in garter with stripes and the color change is really kind of ugly. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks so much.

  5. Hi Salina – you can use this same technique for knitting garter stitch in-the-round…usually it does improve the look. I have found, however, that with some gauges it doesn’t help, usually when I’m using bulkier yarn and bigger needles. My advice to you – give it a try, and see how it looks.

    Hope that helps!
    S t a c i

  6. Hi Staci,

    I am knitting my first set of mittens with 3 different color stripes no less. I understand the jogless stripe technique, but I’m having trouble with how to carry up each new yarn color at the beginning of the round. Do I carry the 2 colors at the same time (the 2 colors that are not being used) or do I stagger them. I was hoping you would show how to do this in one of your “stripe” videos, but I find one. Do you have a video with instructions on how to do this technique? I find your video’s to be very informative and I have learned a lot from them. Many of them are in my “favorite” folder. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    I see you live in Austin…I am originally from Killeen, near Fort Hood, but now live in Wisconsin. If I get to Austin next time I visit home, I will have to stop at your shop.

    Happy Knitting, Sly

  7. Sly – depending on how far you’re carrying the stripes, staggering the float is a good idea. I don’t have a video on this (mainly because I don’t think I’ve ever striped with more than two colors), but I think your judgement is good here, based on the fact that you asked the question. 🙂

    Just make sure your floats are loose and not puckering your work, and I’m sure you’ll be fine. Thank you for the note, too!
    S t a c i

  8. Hi Staci,

    Thank you SO much for all your knitting help videos – they have taught me so much! A question – would this technique work for fixing the jog in garter stitch knit in the round? Or do knitters just not worry about that?

    Thanks so much,

  9. Hi Jessica – thank you for the note. This technique sometimes works for the jog you get when working garter stitch in the round, sometimes it doesn’t work. I find that it depends on the yarn you’re using and the gauge. I always just give it a try in that case – if it improves the look, I keep it. If it doesn’t, I just take those stitches out.

    S t a c i

  10. Hi Staci,

    I’m a new knitter and cannot find your video for simply adding a new ball of yarn. There are many different techniques on video which can be confusing. Your videos are the best!



  11. Hi Staci –
    How do you avoid color jog when you are just working one row in each color (i.e. thin stripes?
    Thank you,
    I am a completely enjoying your website!!! So much useful information and so well done.

  12. Thank you Staci. I’ll try it.
    I did come across some instructions when I googled one-row stripes… wondering if this makes any sense to you?:

    1. At the beginning of the row, add new color and knit one full round.
    2. When you come back the first stitch you made in the new color, slip this stitch purl-wise. Knit one below in to the next stitch.
    4. Cut the yarn with a tail to weave in later.
    Optional: To add the next color, slip two stitches (the knit one below and the previously slipped stitch) and add new color into the first slipped stitch. This keeps the beginning of the rounds from “traveling”.
    This technique is best for places in knitting where you want just one row of contrasting color separated by at least two or three rows of a second color.
    Thank you!
    Looking forward to knitting your Fair Isle Hat.

  13. Hi Staci –
    I have finished my stripes according to your avoiding color change jog tutorial (decided to stick with 2 row stripes and it looks great) and I am now ready to weave in the ends. I think I remember watching something in one of your videos where you specifically showed how to weave in ends on color changes??? Could you point me to that tutorial?
    Thank you.

  14. Hi Staci,
    I love this pattern. I am very new to knitting. What does it mean when a pattern calls for knit a certain amount plus so and so. For example knit multiple of 15 stitches plus 4?

  15. Thank you for this video on how to correct the color change jog and a HUGE THANK YOU for your comment about knots in knitting! I feel so validated & free! With the exception of animal fibers, I tie knots in my knitting (the knitting police will be here any minute). Every project has one knot at the end of the bind off so I fail to see what is so taboo about using a knot to securely attach a new skein of yarn. Whew… It feels good to get this off my chest. ???? I only just discovered your website & videos a few days ago & have not only enjoyed them, but I’ve already learned a lot.

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