Lifted Increases

Instructions for working both right and left lifted increases.

Please excuse the green screen background – we’re under a bit of construction in the studio. Exciting changes to come!

Information on things you’ll see in this video:
The poncho on the mannequin behind me is my Rodeo Drive Poncho, pattern + video tutorial.

The purple scarf I’m wearing is this pattern.

The yarn I used in the sample is Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Bulky in color Yonder.

The yarn I used for demonstration is Lion Brand Hometown USA in color Charlotte Blue.

The bamboo needles I use are by Clover.

The nail color I’m wearing is by OPI, “Berries in the Canaries”.

9 comments on “Lifted Increases

  1. Thank you for the video. I have a question. I’m making the bluebird of Happiness from ravelry and on the pattern it says to do a M1. The note she made for it says “Lift the right leg of the next stitch (the right side of the stitch directly below the next stitch on your left needle), place it on the left needle, then knit as you would any other stitch
    To me the note she made on the pattern sounds like your video on the Lifted increases.
    After reading her description do you think that is what the pattern is calling for?
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Linda – yes, it sounds like that designer has called for Make 1 stitches, but has explained the technique as lifted increases. I suppose different people use different terms, but Make 1 stitches (at least in my book) are created using the horizontal bar between two stitches.

    S t a c i

  3. Thanks Staci for your quick response. Being fairly new and still learning I was doing the M1 with the bar between. I should just learn to follow the pattern. I wouldn’t have known any better if I hadn’t seen you video.
    So now that I learned the M1 (first time using it) I’ll learn the lifted increase. I also have the WT down.
    Love learning all these knew techniques

  4. I am looking for a pattern I thought you had a video for it is for a child, I think a white hat with a ribbon around it.I would love to have it. Thank you.


  5. When doing an RLI, do you always knit the stitch whose right leg immediately below is lifted to the left needle and then knit? I’m having trouble with a pattern that calls for an RLI followed immediately by an LLI. If you always knit the stitch after creating the RLI increase, then I can figure out how to do the LLI. If you do not always knit that stitch, then I can’t figure out how to do the LLI.

  6. Erin – the way I demonstrate in the video is the standard way of doing these increases, but the designer of the pattern you’re knitting may do them differently. I suggest contacting that designer directly and asking her how she suggests working these stitches right next to each other.

    Good luck!
    S t a c i

  7. Dear Staci:
    First, let me say thank you so very much. I hadn’t knitted much since hi school basics. Got the bug, now I am almost 80 with little to do…the internet is a wonderful source and it led me to you! You have taught this old gal more than I ever knew possible. Several scarves, a couple of hats and two pair of slippers with cuffs I am now thinking of doing a blanket. (Cross my fingers).
    I have a couple of questions.
    1. Do you have a video explaining the different yarn types and their best uses?
    2. Can you recommend where I can buy the needle sets and yarns cheaper?

    I am alone, living on a very small income and don’t want to wait to save up enough to buy the more expensive stuff. May not have the time…???? smiles.

    Again, thanks so much.

    Ruth Shields,
    In New Mexico

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