12 comments on “Tubular Bind-Off

  1. Great video Staci~
    Can you use this bind off for a pair of socks?
    I have a hard time getting my socks on.
    That looks like it has a lot of stretch.

  2. I just thinking that it’s great to have you online. Beside my knitting skills even my English has been improved since I found you. 🙂
    Greetings from Poland

  3. Grace Mae – try the Norwegen or Old German cast on. Staci has a video on how to do this. Works like a charm on socks.

  4. I love the love of this bind off. Will you do one that shows how to do 2×2 rib?

    Thanks for all the help. I go to your website at least once a day!

  5. i loved this video! short concise. no overexplaining but i wasn’t lost too.

    other 2×2 videos online are so very long. i believe if you took your format that you applied to the 1×1 rib to a 2×2 rib video, i, for one, will be way more successful. any update?

  6. by the way, i’ll certainly remember this helpful blog if i ever have to do a 1×1 tubular bind off! thank you!

  7. On 8/28/13, you told Caroline that the tubular bind off for 2×2 was on the list.
    I cannot find it in any of your lists.
    Where is it?

  8. Hi Donna – we haven’t shot that video yet…but it’s still “on the list”! We hope to get to it soon. Thank you for the note.

    S t a c i

  9. I love your video tutorials. They are so clear and easy to follow. Thank you for the tubular bind off. I know others have requested it and I would like to add my encouragement for a 2×2 tubular bind off video. I am starting on a sweater now and would so like this for the neck bind off 🙂

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