Mitered Squares

The technique is simple, the squares are fun to knit, and the uses are limitless…

The free Ravelry download includes instructions for the squares pictured above, as well as a basic “recipe” for any size, any yarn, any needle size. The video below will get you through the tricky parts.


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  1. Thank you so very much, Staci. Will you be making a video on joining the squares and joining them as you go? (no sewing) Those would make great additions to this video. 🙂

  2. Mickey – I don’t currently have any plans to make that video, but the techniques for that are all demonstrated in my Log Cabin tutorial – which is pretty much just picking up stitches to start a new section.

    S t a c i

  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH for adding this to the blog today. You made my day… I was getting discouraged because I felt like things aren’t going well with few projects I have to do and I wasn’t looking forward to starting some WIPS until I saw this!!! YAY!!! Thanks again!

  4. Staci, this is a GREAT review for me, however, I’ll be passing this [as a link] to my daughter who is a new knitter.
    I’m hoping she has already sub-ed to your blog.
    Your vids are wonderful to watch and learn.

  5. I’m already working on a blanket made with mitered squares but plan to incorporate some of the techniques I didn’t know about that you showed today – thank you !

  6. I love the pattern I’ve actually just started looking for a mitered square pattern but now I have the pattern way do I make with them?:( Help me staci!!!!!!! Lol 🙂

  7. Sorry – what do you mean, Lucas? You can make them any way you like – dishcloths, or pick-up stitches to combine multiple squares, or seam squares. Endless possibilities!

    S t a c i

  8. OK Staci, you’ve done it again. We asked for it and you came through. Your professionalism (always with your special brand of humor) make the techniques easy and fun to learn. I’ve been waiting for this one. Thanks for making me a “STACIHOLIC!”

  9. Staci
    I will be doing this pattern for sure! I have one question I was wondering where you go your stitch marker rings? I love them

  10. I’ve been working on dishcloths using self-striping cotton since seeing this pattern. Fun! Thanks for another great video/pattern combo, Staci!

  11. This is the way “Wrap with Love” squares were knitted a few years ago. Australian charity thing. Their patterns are on the web, too. That pattern has been changed to K2 tog before the marker in every row. I love it when I do the pick up and cast on to make a row of squares without having to sew them tog. I am doing a baby rug at present with a cast on of 50 stitches. So far I am up to my 2nd column of squares. Fun TV knitting.

  12. Hi Jessica – it really depends on the yarn and tension you use. I used worsted weight yarn with size 7 needles, and the squares I made would not be thick enough to protect against a hot pan handle. Thicker yarn, knit in a tight gauge, would be necessary.

    Good luck!
    S t a c i

  13. I really like this pattern for mitred squares. But what do you do with the second colour yarn when you are finished with it? I am a beginner knitter. The answer may be obvious to a knitter with experience.

  14. Florence, you can just cut the yarn when you’re finished with that color, leaving yourself about a six inch tail to weave in later.

    Hope that helps!
    S t a c i

  15. I just discovered your website and videos and you make everything so clear. I experimented with block in sstockinette stitch and it looks beautiful that way, too.

  16. After looking tirelessly for an easy project for a beginner, but looks more advanced, I have found something I quite enjoy! Thank you so very much for the free pattern and how-to video! I have learned much from the “Basics” videos as well and will very much be using them in the future.

  17. I just finished knitting a mitered square afghan for my 21-yr-old grandson – 64 total squares, 2 each in the colors of each team in the NFL. Have photo if anyone would like to see, it is a riot of color, but so much fun to make. I joined the squares using mattress stitch, which was very succesful. Size is 70×70.

  18. i have just finished my last block for the log cabin afgan and will start putting it together soon. would love another pattern using scrap yarn. any suggestions. thanks so much for your beaugiful pattterns and your tutorials.

  19. I want to make a mitred square throw blanket and have been searching for the right variegated yarn. the dishcloth you use in this video as a sample work is the perfect yarn for my project. do you recall what kind of yarn that was and the color?

  20. to clarify about my last question, not the yarn you are actually teaching with, but the lime green/cream/blue finished dishcloth you show a couple of times as a sample of what you can do with this technique.

  21. Staci,
    Wow! These are super easy! I don’t know what I was so afraid of now?? Thank you for taking the “hairy scary” out of trying new techniques.

  22. Hi Staci…
    What is the cast on number dor the dishcloth that you show in the dishcloth in the tutorial? Thank you for the videos. I am a fan!

  23. Hi Staci- your videos are really so well-done. Cleanly filmed and edited, easy to follow, and you are very intuitive about what the knitter might need in order to fully understand and build skill. great job- i will subscribe. I am wondering if you are planning to instruct re: mitered corners, which are so different from mitered squares, in that the decreasing/increasing happens on the end. There is an issue with holes at the turning line, and i can’t seem to understand directions about making the corner without the holes there. If you are looking for video ideas, consider that one! thanks again.

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  25. I’m an intermediate knitter and I have learned so much from your tutorials!! I love to watch them over and over. They are very easy to understand. Thanks so much! ( I always have my polish on,also love your hands :):):):):). )

  26. Thank you . I am following your design for a log cabin blanket . Making one for my grandson. I always go back to your tutorial.
    Very clear and enjoyable
    All the wat from the high Arctic,
    Yellowknife, NWT , Canada

  27. Dear Staci, I would like to know what method for casting on stitches that you would use for the mitred square rug, please. I can work out how to pick up the stitches but need further advice. Thank you so much for your tutorials as I have found that they take the fear out of trying something new! Keep up your wonderful work.

  28. Hello there and thank you for your help. I made a mitered chair cover/puff pillow using your ten stitch baby blanket design. I was wondering if you have a tutorial on doing exactly the same thing but in a circle (a round baby blanket). I tried to make a swatch, and I got a small one done, but with six stitches. Then I tried to enlarge it to the ten stitch one. Guess what, I don’t remeber HOW I DID IT!!! I tried using the spiral scarf tutorial as a basis to start going round. The main problem is getting it started. Adding on and connecting is ridiculously easy. Could you please help me get started? Again, thank you. Your tutorials are pretty easy to “click” to.

  29. Hi Staci, I am trying to make the mitered square version of scarf-in-a scarf by Skeino. I am not that clear on the instruction given in the kit on how to start the next square after I made the first mitered square. Will you post a tutorial on building the mitered squares to make that scarf. Thank you for your help.

  30. Sandra – sorry, I have more tutorials coming up for Skeino, but not for that scarf. I suggest contacting Skeino directly (Facebook message is a good way), and asking them directly for help. I’m not familiar with that pattern.

    S t a c i

    • Hi Staci
      I just wanted to tell you that you are great. Before I started watching your videos, I had been crocheting for over 30 years. As soon as I decided to knit I came across your channel, and I have been knitting ever since. It certainly is a beautiful and interesting craft. There are no words to explain how much I have learned from your channel, so I will just say thanks. Your channel and site really provide a wealth of knowledge.

  31. Hi Staci – what yarn did you use for the yellow and black mitered squares in your pattern? I want to make coasters just like that.

    Thanks so much.

  32. I know that this is an old video, but I noticed you made a mitered dishcloth. How many stitches did you cast on to create that size on your video?

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