Fancy Stitch Combo – Smocked Rib

In this video I show you how to work the Smocked Rib stitch, an interesting add-on to 2×2 rib. Important note – this stitch can be substituted in a pattern that calls for 2×2 rib, but because the smocking stitch stabilizes the stretch of the rib, I don’t recommend it for areas that require a lot of stretch (like the cuffs of socks or the brim of a cap).

If you would like to see this stitch in a project (that isn’t a dishcloth), my friend Steven used this stitch in a bolster pillow cover, and also gives instructions on how he made the knit-covered buttons.

smocked pillow for vp 2

Instructions for working this stitch:
CO multiple of 8, plus 10
Smocking technique – slip next 6 stitches to DPN or cable needle and hold in front of work, wrap working yarn twice around these isolated stitches, then k2, P2, K2 stitches from DPN.
Row 1 (WS) and all odd-numbered rows: *K2, P2*, repeat between *s to last two stitches, K2
Rows 2 & 4: *P2, K2*, repeat between *s to last two stitches, P2
Row 6: *P2, work smocking around next six stitches (see notes above)* repeat between *s to last two stitches, P2
Rows 8 & 10: *P2, K2*, repeat between *s to last two stitches, P2
Row 12: P2, work smocking around next two K stitches, *P2, work smocking around next six stitches (see notes above)* repeat between *s to last six stitches, P2, work smocking around next two K stitches, P2
Repeat Rows 1-12 to desired length, BO in pattern after working Row 9.

Working this stitch in-the-round: Because the smocking is over six stitches and alternates columns of rib, this stitch really doesn’t work very well in-the-round. You can alter the pattern and work the smocking technique around fewer stitches at the beginning/end of the round, but you will be left with a very marked difference in appearance between the beginning/end of the round and the rest of the work.

The yarn I used in my dishcloths is Knit Picks Comfy Worsted. I cast on 42 stitches using size US 6 needles, and each dishcloth required about 20 grams of yarn.

Information on things you’ll see in this video:

The needles I used are Knitter’s Pride bamboo double-pointed needles.

The nail polish I’m wearing is by Julep, color “Amanda”.

My silver ring is actually a knitting needle gauge, and can be found here.

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  1. Hi Stacy, I love your videos ( you taught me how to knit socks, yay!) I especially like this video . One question do you do the rib on the extra needle or could you not rib them and just continue on for a completely different look?

  2. The stitch is so easy, yet it might have been hard to understand out of a book. It’s a simple stitch with a dramatic effect. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. This pattern is amazing….. I love your tutorials… I am using this stitch to make a scarf would love to show you a picture when it’s done.. 🙂

  4. It is actually quite easy to knit in the round but does require a small correction to the post: the smocking pattern is actually over 8 stitches (not 6 as stated).

    Cast on a multiple of your ribbing, in the video that would be 4 (2 knit, 2 purl) that is ALSO a multiple of the smocking, in the above video it is 8 (2 knit, 2 purl, 2 knit, 2 purl).

    So any number a multiple of 4 & 8 would work for the above smocking pattern.

  5. I love this stitch! I will be knitting something similar to this which is a wrap pattern done in a pretty fingering weight yarn, It looked a bit intimidating to me, but eventually I would have figured it out,,,,however, now I am looking forward to this bc it looks like a WHOLE lotta fun!! Thanks for the tutorial! Blessings to you, PBB

  6. Hi there. I just can say:ur a genius.a master. I never saw so wonderful knitting and stiches like u . Txs so much for to teach us. Ill try this new wonderful. Im luisa.from south sudàn .(im chilean,from south amèrica,sorry my english not to good.)God bless u.

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