Episode 2, Project vs. Process Knitters

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Videos we mention in the episode:
Bulky Sleep Socks pattern & tutorial
Make 1 (M1 stitch)
Operetta Shawl pattern & tutorial
Log Cabin Blanket pattern & tutorial

10 comments on “Episode 2, Project vs. Process Knitters

  1. Lever knitting is the most awesome thing to see – the right needle is held between the arm and torso. One way to get speed if you need to let go of the right needle to wrap the yarn.

    Loving the podcast!

  2. I’m a process knitter who like to finish projects, so I mostly knit small stuff. I still like making simple scarves, because I just love simple knitting so much. I just bought a shawl pattern, that for me is a massive amount of yardage, so I’m scared of it! But I want to make so much. So I figure it just needs its own project bag and I can work on it here and there for a few months in between everything else. It’s hard for me to have multiple projects going. I want to break out of my rut, though, and make some things with garment quantities of yardage.

  3. Great podcast! I really enjoy learning knitting from you. I have a question, how do I know that a question has been answered on one of your videos, and or links of tutorials? Will I get an email?
    Thanks for all the great teachings:-)

  4. Monica – thanks for the note. Are you asking how you will know if a question you submit to podcast@verypink.com makes it on the show? The best way to know is to listen! 🙂 Since many of the same questions are submitted multiple times by different people, I won’t send out emails individually, but I will mention names on the podcast. This applies to answering questions in video, too.

    S t a c i

  5. I remember M1L and M1R by “I left through the front door” and “I’ll be right back.” I don’t remember where I saw this, but it’s helped immensely!

  6. Great format for you and love meeting KC. Your instructions always spot on and fun. You have really upped my game on Ravelry and I’m very grateful for that open door. It always amazes me how all this media is suppose to be instinctual. It IS very simple, but sometiemes one just needs to be told where to click! Ha. Also I just want to say how lovely, clear, and easy to listen to you always are. I am thankful you were my first intro to YouTube. I would rate VeryPink on top– a 10 for sure. You clearly stand out with being professional and I still feel like I’m at an open and friendly knitting group. I’ll listen to you whenever I can.

  7. Love your podcasts! I’ve never been a podcaster, but am now! The discussion about Process vs Project Knitter really resonated with me. I have always been, and probably always will be, a project crocheter. However, I am beginning a class through my Prayer Shawl Ministry entitled “A Knitting Journey”, which was borne out of a strong desire to not only learn to knit, but to really understand the process – I will be focusing on the process not a project.

    Thanks for being such a warm place to learn knitting!

  8. Your tutorials have been my go-to resource for new techniques since I started to knit 4 1/2 years ago. I tell people about them all the time.

    The podcast is a great complement to the tutorials. I love the discussion between you and Casey.

    The product vs. process discussion was great. I’m more of a process knitter myself. I just love the sensation of yarn and needles creating fabric in my hands. I think my choice of projects reflects that fact. Also, I don’t mind swatching – after all it’s knitting.

    Like Casey, I’m working (sort of) on my level 1 master knitter course. It’s been stalled since a big fall resulted in a fractured upper arm. That impacted my tension for a while but I think it’s time to pull those swatches out again and get going. The little I’ve done as really improved my skills. Plus the research makes me think about my knitting differently.

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