Podcast Episode 20: Down with Inches!

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From Our Sponsors:
Bijou Basin Ranch, a Tibetan Yak ranch in Colorado. I recently did a tutorial on their Beau Felted Wrap that uses their Bijou Spun “Himalayan Trail” yarn, a yak down and merino blend.
SKEINO and their Annette Shawl. This is a version of the Bauhaus Shawl in over 40 different colorways, in different yarns including baby alpaca and fine merino. Beginner level. You can see the video on the Annette shawl here.

Links to things we talk about in this episode:
Portuguese knitting videos on Pinterest
Video: Getting Good Tension
Here’s an article about Americans and the metric system.

2 comments on “Podcast Episode 20: Down with Inches!

  1. Ah yes, the metric system! Wasn’t that an initiative of the Carter Administration? I remember learning it in grade school and we were told that by 1980 that’s all we would be using. I even remember some road signs adding kilometers. And then one day it just went away.

  2. Staci, as the emailer said, you ARE the best YouTube knitting teacher online. Truly.

    I’m planning to do my coloring page for the Color My Cuffs project, to make the boot cuffs as a Christmas gift for my daughter-in-law. She must be wondering why I emailed her to ask what her calf measurement is!

    I loved looking at the Instagram photos of other people’s color ideas.

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