Podcast Episode 49: Alpacas, the Secret to Happiness

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For more information and photos about the Phi Beta Paca alpaca ranch, visit Casey’s blog, KC Knits.

From our lovely sponsors this week:
Rib Magazine is all about knitting for men, and those who knit for them. You can click through to their website to order the previous issue, and/or pre-order the next issue. Here is a sneak peek at a sweater from the next issue – it is called Survey Pullover by Catrina Frost.
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Winc is an online wine club that gives you wine recommendations based on what you like to eat/drink. They have a simple 6 question palate quiz that asks you questions like “How do you take your coffee?” or “Do you like berries?” Winc then matches you to wine that you are guaranteed to love because it is tailored to your unique tastes.

Frana’s Ranch, Phi Beta Paca
A shawl we mention in the show, Affogato.

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Reactive Lifelines using a Circular needle
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5 comments on “Podcast Episode 49: Alpacas, the Secret to Happiness

  1. About the spiral/ring binding; Kelley Petkun mentioned this is a podcast years ago (that I found after I binged all the verypinkknit ones ;->). She has spine cut off from the actual book, and then has this replaced by a spiral binding. This way there is no copy (rights) problem involved.

  2. Concerning spiral binding books, I have had it done several times both at Staples and Kinkos (I prefer Kinkos). The major thing is that there be enough space left after they cut off the glued binding so you don’t loose any information. Kinkos puts a nice plastic cover on the front and back of the original cover. Makes it lay nice and flat.

  3. Yep, I spiral bind my knitting books whenever I can. At Staples, usually. (I think the folks at the questioner’s Staples probably misunderstood her request.) Extra points for books that come that way. I also really like working with printed or copied pages, and the spiral binding makes that easier to accomplish neatly on my home printer/copier. It is especially nice for stitch dictionaries and reference books when looking back and forth from the printed page to your work. Nothing more frustrating than losing you place when the book flops closed.

  4. I went to the store today and got the Glide dental floss! I’m going to try it and post about it on my Ravelry page soon! Thanks for the advice! -Hansa

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