Podcast Episode 69: Men Who Knit

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Casey’s website is kcknits.com.

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Casey’s interview this week is with Ann Morneau. The YouTube video Casey mentions in the podcast is Ann’s video Knitting Takes Balls.

Other things we talk about in this episode:
Mattress Stitch
Bickford Seam
Edge Tension
Three Needle Bind-Off

3 comments on “Podcast Episode 69: Men Who Knit

  1. I’m a man who knits (www.thismanknits.com). Where I grew up, on a remote farm in northern New York State, knitting was not one of the approved pastimes for a young boy, so the needles were put aside for many years. Today I am a certified Master Hand Knitter (The Knitting Guild Association) , a certified Knitting Technical Editor, and a knitting accessories designer – mwharrigan on Ravelry. I specialize in lace and color-stranded knitting 😉

    • Sorry you met chauvinists at the beginning of your life! They’re everywhere, in both sexes so, just ignore them and do what you do well despite them! Life is a blast and so is knitting!
      Have fun while you may! 🙂

  2. Hi, I wanted to comment on the first question regarding the wonky stitches on the heel flap. This is something that bugged me in the past, so I think I know exactly what the person is talking about.

    So, the slipped stitches on the side where I ended my knit row were larger and looser that the ones where I ended the purl row. I would usually knit the last stitch, turn and slip it purlwise, and on the other side purl the last stitch, turn and slip purlwise.

    I found that simply purling that last stitch on the knit row would help a lot. What worked even better was slipping that last knit stitch on the knit row, and purling the first stitch on the purl row.

    I also make sure to knit the picked up stitches through the back leg on one side and the front leg on the other. (I can’t remember which is which since I don’t have my knitting in front of me and I do this on autopilot.)

    I never ever pick up stitches along the heel flap before I’m in position to work them. I turn the heel, pick up and knit the edge stitches, knit the instep and pick up and knit the other edge stitches.

    So, if Christine’s problem was the same as mine, I hope this could help. 🙂

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