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  1. Hi Staci. Thanks so much for such wonderful, useful videos. I was just wondering whether there’s any good way of estimating how much yarn will be required for a seam, for example if I want to know how long a tail I should leave after binding off in order to seam.

  2. Hi Tom – that’s a good question, I’ve actually never really thought about that before. Now that you have me thinking about it, I’d say that I leave about 2x the length of the seam for seaming yarn. Hope that helps!

    S t a c i

  3. I have been crocheting for years, and I have never heard of this stitch. My work has always held together very well, but this is great! I am a new knitter, and I can’t seem to read enough or learn enough. If I only had hands on help. But I can’t attend classes as I am epileptic and can’t drive. I love your classes Staci. Thank you so much. Your help is priceless! ~Sharon~

  4. I have found your site so very helpful. I have not found any info about the mattress stitch any other place but I couldn’t get it to run. I am working on the “Log Cabin Scrap Blanket”. Can you help me? Thanks, Amoy Morae

  5. Wow…thank you! I have tried and tried to find good tutorials on mattress stitching. You made it so clear, just the basics and using simple language. Thank you!!

  6. This is great. It’s a lovely clear video, showing nice and clearly what to do, so even a person as hopeless at sewing as me can get it πŸ™‚

  7. Hello.
    I am just learning to make babies booties.
    Was wondering..what method you would recommend for sewing them up with?
    Thank You.
    I love your videos, always very helpful.
    I just couldnt find any video on this.

  8. WOW! i love the mattress stitch! i am going to learn to knit just because of this stitch. i was so surprised when you pulled that yarn closing up the two ends and the stitching was invisible. You amazed me today. i may be easily pleased, but you truly did it for me today. Thanks, i really enjoyed your video.

  9. can you explain or show how to do the mattress stitch for binding together seed stitch on each side? or is there a better stitch for seaming seed stitch?

  10. Hi Stacie,
    Your videos are very helpful and I completed all my squares for the log cabin quilt. I am working on the mattress stitch to piece the squares together and notice there is a very noticeable ridge on the back side. Is there a way to avoid the ridge? Just want to make sure I am doing it right.

  11. Hi Jan – thank you for the note. A ridge on the back of mattress stitch is normal. Depending on the gauge and yarn, the ridge will be thicker/thinner. There are other seams (or grafting) that leave less of a ridge…I’m afraid I’m no expert on those. I’m always happy with the mattress stitch and the sturdiness of it.
    S t a c i

  12. Hi Staci

    This video is great, I have managed to set in my sleeve using mattress stitch, and have now started to sew my sleeve seems, but hitting problems when I reach my increase shaping! have you any videos to show how this should be done correctly to achive a neat finish, any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks.

  13. Georgia – “Blooper – Unwelcome Guest” is the name of one of my videos, specifically a video of blooper footage. The video you are seeking is always available, to watch as many times as you like. What technique video were you trying to watch? I can help direct you to the correct video.

    S t a c i

  14. HELP! Is this seam stitch the same as the “whip stitch?”
    I have to sew the cast on edge of a piece that is to be a hood and I really want to do it correctly!

    THANK YOU! I love your videos!!!

  15. Bobbi – the whip stitch is different than the mattress stitch, and isn’t used very often in knitting. (Which is why I don’t have a video on it.) You’ll need to do a Google search to find instructions for that. Good luck!

    S t a c i

  16. LOVED this tutorial…the contrasting yarn was extremely helpful and I wish I had watched this long, long ago!

  17. Hi Staci,
    I’m having the same problem as Georgia, have tried to watch a couple of the videos, including this, the Mattress Stitch one, but there’s nothing.

  18. Joy – my videos are all there and available! If you’re having trouble, you might try watching it directly on YouTube here:

    If you’re unable to watch it on YouTube, then your browser must be missing a plugin for watching videos, and you may need to update it.
    S t a c i

  19. After you use the mattress stitch for a seam, what do you do to block it. Do you try to flatten the seam?

  20. Betty – no need to flatten the seam. There will be a ridge created with this seam, but it will lie flat with normal blocking and no special attention to it.

    S t a c i

  21. Hi Staci,

    Would you recommend this stitch for joining together sides for stuffed animals? I was so excited by how beautiful and perfect the stitch looked as I was doing it, but then it looked a little split once I stuffed the piece. Is this normal, or is there a different approach that I should be using? Prior to this I just winged it but I’d love for my seams to be more professional looking.

  22. Sam – this seam (mattress stitch) is the most invisible and “professional” looking of the different seams in knitting. It might take you some practice to get it looking right for your project, but this is the seam I’d recommend.

    S t a c i

  23. I am fairly new to knitting and your videos have helped soo much! I am trying to seam an infinity scarf that has both knit and purl stitches just before the cast on and off. Any suggestions on how to seam this?

  24. Kim – this is the basic seam used for pretty much every seam in knitting, unless the pattern designer directs you otherwise (which is rare).

    S t a c i

  25. Hi Staci..do you have a tutorial n how to do this stitch for a hat that has been worked flat?

  26. Kim – the mattress stitch is worked the same, regardless of the pieces you’re seaming together. Seaming a hat is no different than seaming the sides of a sweater, and just the same as the samples I demonstrate with in the video.

    S t a c i

  27. Well, it didn’t work out too great..I think I’m going to stick with making hats w circular needles…

  28. Thank you so much for this video/information, I have been knitting for over 50 years and this is the neatest seam I have ever had. Will be doing my seams this way from now on. So neat.

  29. Staci, I am about to try to knit the 1898 cap. Do you have any ideas or suggestions on this construction? I’m more concerned with the grafting together of the finished brim edges that come before the hat and decreases. Thanks.

  30. Best video ever!!! Just finished a sweater……still in pieces since I was not looking forward putting it together. Now I’m confident to finish. Thank you.

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