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What’s Your Knitting Style?

Thrower, picker, flicker? In this video I briefly cover the six most common knitting styles, and the most common names for these styles. You can find more information about Knitter’s Pride needles, as well as retailers using these links: Bryson Distributing Accessories Unlimited Knitter’s Pride Shop finder The Knitter’s Pride Cubics needles I’m using can […]

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flicking q and a VP

Flicking Q & A

“Flicking” is a way of knitting that is a variation on English/American/throwing knitting – a way to hold the working yarn in your right hand without ever letting go of the right needle. The first (and more general) video I have about flicking can be found here. You can find more information about Knitter’s Pride […]

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Intarsia v Dup stitch VP

Intarsia vs. Duplicate Stitch

When you want to add a “blob” of color to your knitting, especially circular knitting, duplicate stitch is an easy way to add the design after-the-fact. In this video I demonstrate both intarsia and duplicate stitch. Information on things you’ll see in the video: The yarn I used for demonstration is Knit Picks Wool of […]

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portuguese VP

Portuguese Knitting Style

Even if you’re perfectly happy with the way you knit, I encourage you to give this video a looksie. Portuguese knitting is kind of mind-blowing, and the resulting stitches are identical to Continental/English/American knitting, which means you can work a row of Portuguese knitting or purling in your current project, if you like. The needles […]

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finish a row vp

Do You Have Enough Yarn to Finish That Row?

“Please be enough yarn, please enough yarn…”. No need for magical wishing, here’s the technique I use for making sure I have enough yarn to finish a row (or round). The yarn and pattern for the baby blanket in this video is from Purl Soho.

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fitting blocking thumb

The Finer Points of Garment Fitting & Blocking

You’re probably going to spend between 40 and 100 hours knitting a sweater, here are some very specific things you can do to make sure the sweater fits when it’s finished. The six steps: 1. Choose the correct size (video on that here) 2. Knit a swatch (video on that here) 3. Mark changes you […]

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joining in the round sm

3 Ways to Join In-the-Round

In this video, I demonstrate three different ways to join stitches in-the-round. The Knitter’s Pride tools I use in this video are Platina 16″ circular needles from an interchangeable set that includes seven needle sizes. You can find more information about Knitter’s Pride needles, as well as retailers using these links: Bryson Distributing Accessories Unlimited […]

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Using 9″ Circulars & Needle Review

In this video, we cover the ins-and-outs of 9 inch circular needles. When to use them, using them (both Continental and English/American), and a needle review of the four most popular brands. The needles I review in the video are: Clover, purchased on Amazon for $11.99 ChiaoGoo, purchased on Amazon for $8.88 HiyaHiya, purchased on […]

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russian grafting sm

Russian Grafting

Russian grafting is a decorative way to join two pieces of knitting, no working yarn necessary. Additionally, it leaves no ridge on the back of the work, making it appropriate for pieces worn next to the skin. The needles I used for demonstration are Knitter’s Pride Bamboo DPNs. The crochet hook I used is Knitter’s […]

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removing BO sm

Removing a Bind-Off Row

In this video, I show you how to remove a bind-off row – either to correct a mistake, or redo the bind-off (because it was too tight or too loose). Information on things you’ll see in this video: The yarn I used in the demo piece is Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Bulky. The […]

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