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“Backwards” (or “Mirror”) Knitting

“Garter Tab” or Lace Shawl Beginning

Accidental Increases

Adding Beads

Adding Fringe

Advanced Tinking

Attaching Buttons

Avoiding Ladders

Blocking (not a video)

Blocking Hats

Brioche Stitch



Cables Without a Cable Needle

Carrying Colors for Stripes

Casting-On Many Stitches

Changing a Knit to a Purl

Changing Colors

Checking Gauge

Choosing a Sweater Size

Clean Stripes in Ribbing

Correcting a Dropped Stitch

Correcting Color-Change Jog

Correcting Gaps in Socks

Correctly-Mounted vs. Twisted Stitches

Double Knitting

Duplicate Stitch

Essential Tools

Fixing a Dropped Garter Stitch

Fixing Loose Stitches and Snags

Fixing the Jog in Circular Knitting


German Short Rows

Getting Good Tension

Getting Started with DPNs

Grafting Rib Stitches

Help for Tight Knitters



Joining in the Round

Kitchener Stitch

Knitting Double Stranded

Knitting Help – Comparing Decreases

Knitting Help – Comparing Increases

Knitting Through the Back Loop (ktbl)

Knitting Without Looking

Lefties vs. Righties


Making Tassels

Math for Knitters – Substituting Yarns

Needle Characteristics

Pick Up and Knit

Pick Up and Purl

Picking up Wraps

Picot Edge

Pinhole Cast-On

Placing Buttons

Purl Through the Back Loop (ptbl)

Ravelry Tips – Adding a Project

Ravelry Tips – Finding Pattern Help

Ravelry Tips – Stashed Yarns

Reading Charts

Reading Your Knitting

Reading Your Knitting and Using a Row Counter

Reinforcing Sock Toes and Heels

Reinserting Needle into Live Stitches

Reusing Yarn

Russian Join

Saving a Dropped Stitch with Scrap Yarn

Seaming Garter Stitch

Setting in Sleeves

Simple Magic Loop

Skein, Ball, Hank, Cake

Spit Splicing

Steam Blocking

Steaming-Out Yarn Kinks


Stellar Swatching

Substituting Yarns

Testing Color Fastness

The Mysteries of Row Gauge

There’s a Knot in My Yarn!

Three Options for Joining a New Ball of Yarn


Tinking Increases and Decreases

Tunisian Crochet

Two Color Knitting Tricks

Using a Ball Winder and Swift

Using Circular Needles

Weaving in Cotton Ends

Weaving in Ends

Weaving in Ends in Ribbing

Weaving in Ends in Seed Stitch

Why is My Knitting Curling?

Winding Yarn into Two Equally-Sized Balls

Working Few Stitches on DPNs

Wrap and Turn (w&t)