The Big Q


Flavor hits my lips
Sleepiness overwhelms me
Much like Pavlov’s dog.

The haiku speaks the truth! I took NyQuil last night, and before the medicine had even hit my throat, all of my muscles relaxed and begged for sleep. Classic conditioned response. I slept for 11 hours last night.

I felt the woozies of a virus coming on last night, and I like to attack the symptoms while they’re tiny and manageable before they can really get a grip on my body. My head is a little swimmy this morning, but so far so good!

2 comments on “The Big Q

  1. Oh no! Get well soon!
    You’re not supposed to get knocked down! I hope the doggies didn’t take advantage of the situation – have you counted the dog cookies today?
    (hee hee)

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