Bento Box Quilt, Part 1, Coloring Page

This video is an introduction for my new Bento Box Quilt pattern, everything you need to get started with understanding the construction and workshopping colors. Part 2 is now available, which includes the free pattern and knitting tutorial.

The Bento Box Pattern and Coloring Page are a FREE RAVELRY DOWNLOAD.

The yarn used in this quilt is KPC Gossyp Chunky. There are 40 colors available of this gorgeous yarn!

Yarn Amounts:
Main Color (Ivory in my blanket): 13 balls
Color 1 (I used Celery): 9 balls
Color 2 (I used Rosie): 5 balls
Border Color (I used Sunrise): 7 balls

The finished quilt is 60″ square, (152 cm).

The pattern isn’t available until April 19, but you can still queue it here on Ravelry.

The needles used for this blanket are size 10.5 US (6.5mm) 24″ circulars and 32″ circulars. (You can knit the whole thing on 32″ circulars, but if you have an interchangeable set, it is nice to work the mitered squares on the shorter cord, then switch to the longer cord for the border.) You will also need a needle one size larger (11 US, 8.0mm) for binding-off.

If you’d like some color inspiration, this Google Image Search for “bento box quilt” shows what some very creative people have done with this design in fabric.

My nail polish is by Julep, color “Charissa”.

14 comments on “Bento Box Quilt, Part 1, Coloring Page

  1. No! I explain that in the video. The default currency on the KPC Yarn website is in Hong Kong Dollars, which are less than 8 cents on the US dollar.
    S t a c i

  2. I really want to learn miteted Squares and have some worsted weight yarn I’d like to use. Can I easily follow along and just make smalkerbsquares and a smaller blanket?

  3. Love the concept for this blanket and would love to use this pattern for a baby blanket. However 39 balls at $12.90 a ball seems a bit much for a child’s item. Any suggestions as to how this pattern might be modified? Or would using lighter weight yarn be the only solution? I love your videos. Thank you so much for everything you offer us.

  4. Great set up for this afghan on your video! Looking forward to making this one if I can only decide what colors I want. Thank you.

  5. AAaarrrrrgggg…….I just spent the best part of an hour on the Bento Box quilt image page:):):) So many beautiful quilts, So many pages to follow. So many YouTube’s to watch, “Oh, it’s only 2 minutes long”, I remind myself after the 13th “2 min” video LOLOLOL Thanks a bunch Staci:)

  6. Oh so beautiful Staci! I can’t wait for the pattern’s release. I do have a question for you, the mat you do your work on, where might I purchase one for myself? I love it! It has the measurements on it and the grid lines are wonderful too. It looks like a wonderful surface to work on.

    Thank you!

  7. Hi Sue – thank you for the note, glad you like the pattern! To answer your question regarding my blocking board, here is a clip from my FAQ page:
    Q: Where did you get your blocking board?
    A: Unfortunately, blocking boards like mine are currently not available anywhere. The alternative is blocking mats, which are small puzzle pieces that fit together. You can find those at many retailers, including Knit Picks and WEBS.

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