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  1. Hi Staci,
    I’m following a pattern for a sweater and it says that at the shoulder-end of the sleeves I need to bind off loosely (to sew into the body of the sweater). Do you have any suggestions? My tension is pretty normal but my binding off tends to be quite tight, so I know it will be an issue!

    PS your videos and blog are all fantastic!

  2. Staci,
    Is there a trick/video for this….After binding off the neck of a an over the head sweater, the last stitch of the bind off seems to be raised and doesn’t blend well with the rest of the bind off. I thought there might be a trick to eliminate the raised last stitch. Thanks for your help.

  3. Hi Debbie – yes, when you weave in the tail end from the bind off, you make sure that you’re putting a little pressure on that stitch, so that it pulls into the work and matches up with the rest of them.

    Hope that helps!
    S t a c i

  4. how many stitches are left for the dishcloth and how do I finish the cloth,I kept going until i had four loops left and it looked like I was making another cloth or a thing to hand up the cloth help it looks funny

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  7. I have just happily found your site. Thank you so much for your helpful videos and I think it is brilliant of you that you take the time to reply to all the questions that people post. 🙂

  8. When a pattern says “cast off knitwise” is it referring to the bind off you teach here?

    Also, in the knit stitch, does it matter which direction you wrap your yarn around the righthand needle? Clockwise or
    counter- clockwise

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  10. Hi Staci, I’ve completed a circular knitting project, a cowl. What type of cast on best duplicates your demonstrated cast-off method here. My knitted cast on is quite stretchy and my cast-off… although it looks great, is less stretchy. In fact, there is a point when I stretch the cast off, where it will stop stretching. Is this just a matter of tension in my cast off? I thought I was keeping it loose as I worked the cast off. Is there a secret to getting my cast on and cast off to look the same in a project?

  11. Rosemary – the best CO to match the bind-off in this video is the Long-Tail CO, or the Knitted CO.

    If you’re looking for stretchier COs and BOs, there are a few BOs to choose from. The best stretchy CO I know of is the German Twisted CO.
    Here is a list of the CO videos I have: https://verypink.com/category/techniques/cast-ons/
    And here is a list of the different BOs I have in video: https://verypink.com/category/techniques/bindoffs/

    Hope that helps.
    S t a c i

  12. Hi Staci- I have just finished knitting a the back of a baby cardigan my pattern askes me to cast off my remaining 19sts,however,on reading the pattern further ahead it askes when making the neck border to knit up 19 stitches from the back, my question is – is it therefore necessary for me to cast them off as I will be picking the same number of stitches up again, would it be ok to leave them ‘live’ on a stitch holder until I require them for knitting the neck border. Or is there perhaps a reason I am not aware off that requires them to be cast off. Many thanks for your help and continued support.

  13. Hi Chrisann – yes, there probably is a reason the pattern asks you to bind-off, then pick up stitches from the same row. The BO row provides structure. Without it, the neckline would be completely stretchy, and possibly not stay fitting up around the shoulders/neck well.

    Hope that helps!
    S t a c i

  14. Have finished knitting a lacy shawl; and I am very disappointed that the cast on edge is wavy (which I like) but the bind off edge is not. The photograph of the shawl shows both ends to be wavy.
    I have used a needle two size larger to bind off but no success.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you very much.
    Ps. I love your instructions and videos! Thanks!

  15. You may need to use a needle size even larger than the one you’ve used to achieve the same results as the pattern photo – just a guess. Your best bet might be to email the designer directly, via Ravelry, and get advice specific to this pattern. Or you can look at the other finished projects on Ravelry, and see if anyone left notes for how they were able to get the BO looking just right.

    Hope that helps!
    S t a c i

  16. I am knitting a headband with a circular needle and would like a bind off that stretches like the the cast on. Mine is always too tight on the bind off edge! The headband is 1×1 ribbing, pattern and then 1×1 ribbing again. I used the long-tail cast on and I’m wondering should I use the regular cast off as in the above video or the cast off in ribbing???

  17. The directions for the cowl that I am knitting states to knit until about two yards of yarn remain and then to bind off in pattern. Question – is it OK to start the pattern bind off in the middle of a round, or should I start the bind off at the beginning of a round?


  18. This is a basic question but . . . if you’re binding off stitches on a purl row, is this process the same only using purl stitches?

  19. So, I have to reverse shaping for the left side of a vest. For the right side, I bound off at the beginning of each row. How do I bind off for the left side at the end of the row? I don’t know how to bind off at the end of a row. Thanks.

  20. Mary – I’m guessing that you’re asking because you want your working yarn to be in the correct position after binding-off? Knit all the way across the row, then BO at the beginning of the row (like you did on the other side). The extra few stitches won’t make a difference in the big picture of the whole sweater. Your alternative is to BO, cut the yarn, and reattach it – which isn’t necessary.

    S t a c i

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