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We’re going to start shooting more knitting videos soon, including mattress stitch, buttonholes, 3-needle bind-off, and more. What technique(s) would you like to see? Leave me a comment with your suggestion.

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  1. Staci – you showed me the RIGHT way to weave in ends Thursday night – that would have been a great video to have early on. It also is helpful for us old folks who don’t learn as quick as we used to.

  2. I’ve recently discovered your blog and I think it’s great especially with the knitting videos. Being a newbie at knitting, your videos have helped me a lot. Thanks a bunch!

  3. Here’s my current dilemma… I’m working on a sock in a k3, p1 pattern. I have somehow mixed up my stitches and it looks incorrect. I am unable to go back and rip it apart unless I want to rip out all of my work on the gusset (I currently on the part where I pick up the stitches for the heel. The incorrect work is on the 3rd needle just holding the work done previously.).

    Is there a way to correct knit stitches to purl stitches and vice versa? I think I should drop one stitch at a time and use a crochet hook to make them correct.

  4. Hi Staci,

    Your tutorial for socks was great…I’m on my 4th pair! I want to move on to mittens but I don’t get the thumb part!!! Can you do a basic mitten video for those of us that are “thumb-challenged”.


  5. Would you mind doing a ‘slow-mo’ of how YOU hold your yarn to work? I realize this is a very individual thing, but as I am in AWE of how quickly your right hand works with (I assume) so little energy expended- I would like to follow suit.
    Commercial airliners keep trying to land in my yard when I knit…I’m just saying.

    Also- as you did with the basic socks video series (LOVED IT) could you do a basic sweater series? Boat neck or whatever simple neckline you fancy?
    Your sock series was my transition from size 53 needles and chunky yarn last Dec (as a wee beginner) to making about 10 pair of socks-many of which did not see the light of day on completion- but allowed me to progress considerably in both skill and confidence!

    I know I have said it before- but it deserves an encore- your videos are not only entertaining and educational, but professional and easy to watch, and I appreciate them so much!
    I point a lot of people to your site- even a few who are also Master Knitters like yourself.

    Thanks Staci- now stop letting the dogs in and out and get to work already! Your public awaits! =)


  6. Hello! I will love to see videos of a adult basic sweater. I started one several months ago, is open with two cables in the front, i got to the top, but don’t know how to decrease to do the neck, a friend in Mexico was showing me how to do it, but I moved to Texas, and know i have my sweater unfinished. So if you do the basics of a sweater i might finish mine.
    Thank you. And any video you do will be great, there are the best videos ever. Congratulations.

  7. Staci-
    Ok disregard the sweater suggestino since you have a baby-type sweater pattern already.
    But how about showing us how to convert a pattern to adult size maybe? to up/down size any pattern – sweater, gun cozy, whatever.
    Of course I jest about the gun cozy- I live in TN. =)

  8. How about a video on the intarsia method. I love the look but I can’t understand how to do it without seeing it done.

  9. I love your sock videos,thanks to you I have knitted 3 pair, plus the yoga socks. My husband wants a pair of socks for winter. Can you tell/show me how to make bigger socks??

  10. hi Staci

    Loved your sock videos – have now knitted a few basic pairs! And about to knit some nice patterns – now I have the basics!

    And plan to work on your cable scarf latter on.

    I would love it if you could show me/anyone else? How to sew up a finished garment. Something that is knit on two needles, and needs sewing.

    Thanks Ginny

  11. Hi Sharon – I do have a short video out there showing how I knit with a bit more detail. It isn’t the same quality as my other videos, but here it is:

    Regarding an adult sweater…I have a pattern + videos out called Learn to Knit a Raglan Sweater that teaches basic sweater knitting in a baby-sized sweater. I use a baby sweater so that you can get through the elements of sweater knitting quickly, then take that knowledge to any sized sweater you like.

    Thank you all for your ideas! I’m putting them on the list.

  12. I would like to see you do a video on knitting two socks at a time toe up using the Judi’s magic cast on. My very first pair of socks I learned to knit was accomplished with the step by step help of your video. Could not have done it without you! Thanks.

  13. I would really love to see how to do a cable pattern I seem to have a hard time understanding it when I read a pattern. A video would be very helpful. I am very new to your site and love it Thank You for the help and lessons so far.

  14. Staci:

    Thank you so much for your email. I went back and corrected all my stitches (although it’s not as “pretty” as it should be – to my eye). After that I managed to mess up my decreasing on the gusset, so I need to go back and correct that. *Sigh* This is only my second pair of socks, so hopefully I’ve learned. Hopefully.

    And, thank you for the wonderful tutorial videos. I worked my first pair of socks off of your tutorial. You have saved me so much worrying over what I’m doing. Not only on socks, but on other techniques.


  15. I would love to see how to cast on, knit and cast off for knitting with circular needles. I can’t seem to get the hang of it! I love your videos. They are so well done

  16. Hi

    I so excited to see these videos on socks. That has been my goal for 3 years to learn and just did my first sock this weekend!

    So excited for whatever you put out…always anxious to learn!

  17. Stacy, what about a video showing how to do cables without the cable needle. I’ve been interested in seeing how that was done. I’ve seen some photo tutorials but not videos.

  18. i made a mistake in the raglan sweater in iincreasing ididnt do the increasing after the fourth row i discovered that can you help me to correct that without oppening all what i worked

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