Latvian Long-Tail Cast-On

The Latvian LTCO is pretty, fairly deep, and has decent stretch to it. But I think most knitters will get excited about this fact – after close inspection, I’m pretty sure it’s IDENTICAL ON BOTH SIDES.

Please excuse the green screen background – we’re under a bit of construction in the studio. Exciting changes to come!

Information on things you’ll see in this video:
The poncho on the mannequin behind me is my Rodeo Drive Poncho, pattern + video tutorial.

The purple scarf I’m wearing is this pattern.

The yarn I used in the bulky samples is Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Bulky, in colors Jam and Silver.

The bamboo needles I used are by Clover.

The nail color I’m wearing is by OPI, “Berries in the Canaries”.

5 comments on “Latvian Long-Tail Cast-On

  1. Hi,Staci!
    Love your website!
    Im to say “advanced beginner” in knitting and latvian… 🙂 I learned that CO method in household lessons at high school, but without changing thumb position every second stitch.
    Its always good to learn new things!
    Thank you for great lessons!

  2. Hi!
    This is the first cast on I ever learnt. I think I was about 5-6 yrs old at the time and then it was referred to as ‘casting on’ .At the time I knew there were ‘2 ways to cast on” this one (the thumb method) and the hard one (since found out is the 2 needle method?) ! I have since learned there are quite a few methods of casting on and have actually taught myself some of them from your videos. (thanks!!!) But I have never heard the thumb method = Latvian… Thanks!!!
    Thanks S T A C I … I love your videos they have helped me a lot. I love to just watch your videos and do my knitting at the same time!!! … weird but true… I just start any of your videos and knit and listen …. I feel like I’m at some knitting club 😀 THANKS

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