Knit-Front-Back (KFB) Alternative

The KFB increase is an easy increase to work, and my personal favorite. This alternative way of working the stitch leaves you with a smoother fabric, minus the “purl bump”.

I mention the VeryPink Knits audio podcast, which can be found here, or in your favorite podcast app.

A regular KFB is worked this way.

The needles I use in this video are Lykke interchangeables.

The yarn I use is Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Bulky.

My nail polish is by Julep, color “Charissa”.

6 comments on “Knit-Front-Back (KFB) Alternative

  1. I like this increase technique, Staci. Thanks for the video. The same can used for a purl increase, right? Have you tried it on the “wrong” side of the work?
    k1sl, knit 1 slip sounds like a good shorthand
    How about p1sl? purl 1 slip?

  2. I love this, but don’t need it on anything I”m knitting right now. Dare I start another project so I can burn this into my memory?

  3. Thanks Staci! Great educational video – posted it on my “All Free Knitting Rav Group” and they are also sending glowing feedback! I hope all is well with your “eyes” now…
    Take Care

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