Podcast Episode 67: Clara Parkes and Stashing Yarn

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For more on Casey’s interview with Clara Parkes, you can visit her blog post here.

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Casey’s interview is with Clara Parkes, her new book is A Stash of One’s Own. She also founded and writes Knitter’s Review.

Other things we talk about in this episode:
Lavishea Lotion Bar
Bar-Maids LoLo Bar
Fast needles – Knitter’s Pride Platinas and Addi Turbos

6 comments on “Podcast Episode 67: Clara Parkes and Stashing Yarn

  1. Western Australia is a state, like Orlando or California. The other states are South Australia, Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania plus Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory which are not states but territories.

  2. Thank you Geography Nerd! I knew about Victoria, Queensland, and New South Wales – did NOT know that Western Australia is a state, too! And I thought Tasmania was something entirely different. Oy.
    Thanks again. 🙂

  3. My favorite fingerless gloves to knit were designed by Clara Parks, Maine Morning Mitts (free on Ravelry)).

  4. Dear Staci and Casey,
    On the topic of “stash,” I’m facing a dilemma about a random yarn purchase I made last month when we traveled to Scotland. I visited a yarn store in Nairn where I purchased authentic Scottish yarn–one sweater’s worth made up of two complementary tweedy colors, six skeins of tan shades and four of brown.

    This lovely fingering yarn is a blend of lambs wool and silk. I know what I want to make but after days of searching haven’t found a pattern and gauge that matches what I want. (I like #5 needles 20 stitches/30 rows). I am thinking about using my Barbara G. Walter book “Knitting from the Top” to create a simple raglan turtle neck in two separate blocks of color.

    I’ve never knitted without a clear step by step pattern. Any thoughts?

    Jan from Smith River, California

    • Never mind! I found the perfect pattern for my fingering tweed. Working on it happily as I listen to your podcasts I missed while in Scotland. Jan

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