One comment on “Podcast Episode 80: Face-First Snow Angel

  1. Wow! i was having a gloomy night and i decided to check if there was a new Podcast episode to cheer me up a bit and VOILA! My question about making a living off knitting was answered! A lot has happened since i sent the question but one thing that i know now for sure since I am way more settled in Canada is that i came to realize the great opportunities to work in this field. I totally agree on the part were Staci said there is a different between loving something as a hobby and loving it as an actual job and the many sacrifices that you need to make a long the way. one of them for me now is that i need to knit what i have to teach instead of just knitting what ever my heart desires, still fun as i love to knit but you know what i mean.. as well as having to financially support my project from A to Z on my own mainly because we don’t really have an Arab based yarn or knitting companies! Anyway enough with me rambling I’m sure it will all be fine with hard work and creativity 😀 Thank you so MUCH for answering my question it meant a lot to me and cheered me up in this cold -26 Celsius night!

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