Q: Staci, what if I have questions while I'm working on one of your patterns/tutorials?
A: Most people find that the videos provide all of the guidance they need to knit through a new project, but if you ever have any questions while knitting one of my tutorials, you can always contact me at

Q: Staci, I'd like to modify your pattern to fit other sizes. Can you help me?
A: Most of my patterns and tutorials are designed to teach the skills and techniques you need to knit that item (socks, sweaters, etc.). Once you've finished a tutorial, you have what you need to know to move on to all kinds of similar patterns, available in all sizes. I'm sorry - resizing a pattern is not a quick or simple thing.

Q: I've knitting through one of your patterns, but I've made major modifications and I'm running into trouble. Can you help me?
A: I'm always here to help while you're knitting my patterns, but I'm afraid I can't provide support to modifications. Giving accurate support to a modified pattern would require me to rewrite the pattern and test knit it myself.

Q: I'm knitting another designer's pattern, and I need help.
If you live in Austin, Texas, I'd be glad to schedule a private lesson with you to help you with your knitting. Otherwise, I suggest that you contact that designer directly for help via email. I've found that a good way to reach designers is via Ravelry message.

Q: I notice that you use American terms for yarn weights, and you refer to American needle sizes. What are the equivalents in UK/Australian terms?
A yarn weight conversion chart can be found here. (Most of my patterns use worsted-weight yarn, which is called "Aran" in the UK, and "10 ply" in Australia.) A needle size conversion chart can be found here.

Q: I have questions on modifying your Log Cabin Blanket pattern to use different yarn weight/fiber type/needle size.
Please see my Log Cabin Blanket FAQ for all kinds of information about modifying that pattern.


Q: I've purchased a pattern, but my download link has not arrived!
Purchased patterns are automatically and instantly emailed out to the email address that you have on file with PayPal. Please check that email account for your download link. It is there waiting for you, I promise! You will probably also find that the pattern was automatically added to your Ravelry library.
Video: Using Your Ravelry Library

Nearly 100% of pattern sales go smoothly. But if you do find yourself having trouble, we'll get it worked out right away. Just email me at and let me know how I can help.

Q: I don't have a PayPal account. Can I buy patterns with a money order or check in the mail?
Sorry, I'm not set up to take payments that way. You don't have to have a PayPal account to purchase patterns. You can use PayPal with your credit card without opening an account.

Q: If I buy one of your tutorials, is there a limited number of viewings on the videos?
No limit! My videos are available 24 hours a day, for as long as you need them, to watch as many times as you like.

Q: Do you have your videos on DVD that I can buy?
No, sorry. We looked into producing DVDs, and it ended up being too expensive. I prefer to keep my videos online and free for everyone. :)


Q: I'd like to knit one of your sock tutorials, but I want to use sock yarn and smaller needles. Can I alter the pattern for this?
My sock tutorials use worsted-weight yarn and bigger needles so that you can quickly and easily learn the techniques involved. I recommend you knit the pattern as written first, then you'll have the skills you need to move on to all kinds of sock patterns that use sock yarn and smaller needles. Not only will you find that my sock tutorials knit up very quickly, but knitters have a much better success rate with their first socks if they're knit with worsted yarn and bigger needles. Trust me - I've taught thousands of people to knit socks this way, and I want you to have a successful experience, too!

Q: I've finished knitting through your Learn to Knit Socks/Learn to Knit Magic Loop Socks, and I'd like to use my skills on a pattern that uses sock yarn and smaller needles. Do you have a pattern suggestion?
Yes. I recommend this pattern - Super Simple Socks. It uses the same techniques I demonstrate in the tutorials, but with sock yarn and smaller needles.

Q: I've finished knitting through your Learn to Knit Toe-Up Socks/Learn to Knit Magic Loop Toe-Up Socks, and I'd like to use my skills on a pattern that uses sock yarn and smaller needles. Do you have a pattern suggestion?
Yes. My Bubbles Down the Drain is a free pattern that uses the same techniques as these tutorials.

Q: I'm working through your Learn to Knit Toe-Up Socks/Learn to Knit Magic Loop Toe-Up Socks, and every time I wrap and turn, there is a hole in my work.
Little holes are to be expected, they're almost decorative. But it does take practice to keep the tension even throughout the entire heel and toe. As you're working the wrap and turns, the stitches on the ends of the needles are hanging out there and not getting worked, which allows for those stitches to get stretched out more than the others. You have to be careful that you're not putting any extra pull on those stitches. I find that I have to watch myself, because the way I hold the needles, my pinkie fingers naturally pull the end stitches if I'm not careful. If you're following the video and working the technique correctly, it really just takes practice from here. Also - if you're using wool or a wool blend, the holes should look better after you wash and block the socks.

Q: I'm working through one of your toe-up sock patterns, and I'm seeing holes in my work where the heel meets the rest of the sock.
This sometimes happens, but it is easily corrected. Please watch my video Correcting Gaps in Socks.


Q: I'd like a set of interchangeable needles, but I don't know which to buy. Which do you prefer?
My preference is for smooth metal needles that allow me to knit quickly, with a smooth "join" between the needle and the cord. Unless I'm knitting lace, I don't like super sharp needles. I've found three brands of interchangeable needles that I like and recommend: Addi Clicks, Knitter's Pride, and Knit Picks. (You can Google these names to find a retailer.)
When it comes to needle material, it's a personal choice. Here is what you can expect:
Wood - good all purpose needles. Laminated wood needles are slick, but not super slick.
Nickel Plated Brass - the fastest, slickest needles. Best for experienced knitters, or knitters who knit very tightly.
Acrylic - the "stickiest" needles. They are good for beginners, or loose knitters who have problems with stitches falling off the ends of the needles.
Videos: Find Your Needle video series that I did for Knitter's Pride.

Q: Where did you get your blocking board?
You can find a blocking board like mine here.

Here are my personal priorities in a good blocking board:
1. SPACE. Buy the biggest one you can find, the 33×51" size has a grid of 48×30" printed on it. I think that is the biggest available, and it's what I have.
2. Buy a folding board with handles
3. Make sure you can pin into it
4. A printed grid is very handy
5. Make sure it can stand up to heat, like from a steamer or iron

Q: Where did you get the ball chain stitch markers you use?
I got them on, from a shop called Darn It! Sew What?. If you'd like your own set, you can visit the Darn It! Sew What? Etsy page.

Here is a collection of items that I regularly use and recommend, available on Amazon.

Some of the other products you will frequently see me using in the videos:
Bent Tip Tapestry Needle Set
Ruler and Needle Gauge
Clover Knitting Stitch Counter Mini Kacha-Kacha
Bamboo Straight Marking Pins
Folding Notions Case
Susan Bates Silvalume Handi Tool (mistake fixer)
Eucalan Wool Wash
Clippie Markers


Q: Where can I get more information about the knits you and/or your mannequin are wearing in the video?
I do my very best to keep my Ravelry page up-to-date with each of my knits. Recently, I've started adding links to every knit you see in the video both on my website and on YouTube (both lists just below the video).

Q: Do you teach classes in person?
I'm not currently teaching classes in-person, but I do take some private lessons.

Q: I have an idea for a video you should shoot!
Great, I'm always looking for new ideas. Drop me a note at

Q: Who does your nails?
I usually do them myself. Every now and then I'll treat myself to a manicure at a salon, but I prefer to do them at home.

Q: What breed of dogs are those?
I have three Basenjis, named Ike, Abe, and Tippy (named after American Presidents). This breed is commonly known as the "Barkless Dog". I got Ike as a puppy in 1998, and I got Abe and Tippy through Basenji Rescue.