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  1. Hi Staci

    When knitting a pattern that askes you to decrease 1 stitch at each end of the following 6 rows,(its for shaping underarms on a sleeve), which type of decrease should i use, is it ok to use knit 2 together at each end of the row, It always confuses me as to what type of decrease I should use for various shapings to get the best finish.

    Would be great if you could do a video of you talking us through all the differnt types of decreases, and which ones to use for the different shapings required in knitting a garment, think it would be really helpful to a lot of people. Many thanks for giving me the oppurtunity to learn from your expertise, look forward to your help & guidance.

  2. Chrisann – if the pattern does not specify a decrease, you can use whichever ones you like. I like to use both SSK and K2tog, since they are mirror-image decreases – the SSK leaning to the left, and the K2tog leaning to the right. I use the K2tog on the right side of the work, and the SSK on the left.

    Hope that helps!
    S t a c i

  3. Hello, Could you do a video of how to slip a stitch then knit 2 together knit wise? I was watching your video of the Brioche Stitch as you did this in the first part of the video. There wasn’t a close up of how you did it. Love your videos. They help me a lot. Barbara

  4. Hi Staci,
    I am a newbie. I have knitted the first half of the dish cloth; however, when I start the second it just doesn’t look right. It is more straight then indented. I followed your instructions but to no avail it is still square. I have ripped it out so much the yard has become frayed. Thanks so much.

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