Quick-Knit Hoodie

Small baby items are always pretty quick to knit – and even quicker if theyโ€™re knit with a chunky yarn! This hoodie pattern comes in three sizes – 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months; and includes links to four instructional videos.

Sizes: 3 months (6 months, 12 months)
Finished Chest Measurements: 19โ€ (20โ€, 21โ€)
Needles: Size US 10.5 circulars or straights and set of size 10.5 double-pointed needles
Yarn: 2 skeins of Berroco Comfort Chunky
Additional Materials: A few yards of scrap yarn for embroidering motif, tapestry needle
Gauge: 12 stitches and 23 rows per 4 inches

Pattern + links to 4 instructional videos – $8.00 US

Preview Quick-Knit Hoodie videos

*Note – this pattern is also available in the Baby Shower Countdown eBook collection.

17 comments on “Quick-Knit Hoodie

  1. Hi Stacy-
    I just wanted you (and anyone else) to know that this pattern really IS quick, easy and FUN to knit!
    I used Cascade 220 in Anise and for this first one, chose no motif- and it worked out great- I am now a fan of this yarn and have a growing collection of colors.

    I only just started knitting in earnest about 1 year ago myself- and this is the first real ‘garment’ I have made (aside from countless hats and socks!).
    I encourage EVERYONE to scoop this pattern up and try it!
    Because it is in sections and is basically just stockinette and 1×1 ribbing- it works up fast.
    The videos, as always, provide that gentle parachute that allows one to land with ease on the terra firma of understanding.

  2. I have purchased this pattern and will be doing it for my brand-new great niece. I am not entirely understanding how to use the tail ends to seam the sides of the edging to the bound off front center stitches. Is there is a specific stitch to use to do the seaming? Sorry. Just a little confused.

    On a side note…I purchased your sock pattern and I made TEN pairs of socks for my family last year for Christmas! Unfortunately, every one wants a new pair this Christmas!

    Thanks so much for your wonderful instructions. I could never have done as much knitting as I have done without you!

  3. Okay…I am more lost than I thought with the hood. I did the stockinette stitch for the inches outlined in the pattern. The next step in the patter says, “Use the 3-needle BO method to seam the top of the hood stitches.” I don’t know what that means exactly. It was knitted in the round and I am not sure what to seam what to. I know…I am a mess. I am at a standstill here until I can figure out what to do.

  4. Hi Stacy,
    I purchased this pattern for my beautiful niece “Lou”, she just turned 2 months so I’ll knit size 3 months. My worries is that I did not yarn bulky/12ply in my stash I only have of yarn sport/5ply, how do I proceed? by holding two strands together? Please can you advise me.
    In advance I thank you and like to congratulate you your website which is very good and very useful for beginners, your videos are great!

  5. Paula – if you want to use a different weight yarn, you’ll need to do some experimenting with multiple strands of yarn and different needle sizes to get the gauge I call for in the pattern, which is 12 stitches over 4″.

    Good luck!
    S t a c i

  6. I’m wondering how easy this hoody is to get on and off a small baby. I’d love a reality check before I start knitting!

    Thanks, Staci, for your generosity in sharing such wonderfuly well thought out and professionally presented videos, as well as these great patterns. Your relaxed, friendly manner makes your videos a treat to watch, quite apart from all the helpful information on them. You’re definitely helping me to become a better knitter.

    And now I want to meet a Basinji in person! (Barkful Border Collies live here.)

  7. I enjoyed making the hoodie and it turned out well. One question. After the 3 needle BO at the shoulders, a couple of stitches loosen at the neck. I pulled them tighter when weaving in the ends, but do you have a suggestion keeping them tighter? Thank you, Bobbie

  8. Hi Bobbie – yes, I think I can help. These loose stitches happen because the weight of the garment is hanging there as you work the three-needle BO, and tightening the stitches doesn’t really work, since the loose stitches are in the row below. You can take the weight of the garment off the needles by making sure the knitting is sitting in your lap or on a table as you work the BO. (This works any time you’re working a BO row, whether it’s three-needle or not.) If you’re still unhappy with the results, you can always go over the stitches using the duplicate stitch, and no one will be the wiser: https://verypink.com/2011/02/15/duplicate-stitch/

    Good luck!
    S t a c i

  9. Hi … can you tell me what similar type wool I could buy … I can’t get Berocco chunky in the uk or France…

  10. I was wondering if this patterns comes in bigger sizing? I would need a 7 or even 8 child size.
    Thanks Jenn

  11. No, sorry. This pattern is only sized for 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. I recommend looking for a similar pattern on Ravelry, running a search with a filter that will only show the sizes you’re looking for.

    Good luck!
    S t a c i

  12. Hi Staci. This is such an adorable pattern, and I purchased it to make my very first sweater. Needless to say I am somewhat apprehensive but hope the videos, etc. help. I have a question, however about sizing and the needle. I wanted to use a US10 needle but did a swatch and it came out looking about 2 stitches too narrow to make the 4″ width. I then switched to 10 1/2, and I think it’s a perfect match. BUT I REALLY LIKE THE TIGHTER LOOK of the size 10 needle much better.

    So here is my question: Could I cast on 2 extra stitches on the 12 month size (39 instead of 37) and increase the other directions in parentheses for sizes by 2, also? I want to make sure that the extra two stitches wouldn’t mess up or CHANGE any picking up of the stitches at the hood or arms. (There seems to be no difference in the directions for those in the other sizes, but I have NEVER picked up stitches before, so I just wondered if two extra stitches would change anything there.)

    Also, I’ve heard people talk about it being easier to seam if you create a selvage by slipping the first stitch purlwise and knit into the back of the last stitch on each row. Would you recommend doing that? Thank you.

  13. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I am using the same yarn you used (different color). I can’t change the yarn, as I bought it specifically for this project and would have nothing else to use it on. Candy

  14. Candy – I don’t really recommend attempting to alter a sweater pattern, especially if it is your first sweater! Changing the cast-on number will change other numbers in the patterns from there on out. But if you have read the pattern all the way through and are confident, you can give it a try!

    I recommend swatching again to get the correct gauge. I think you’ll be happy with the fabric it creates.

    I don’t recommend slipping the first stitch of each row. It won’t make seaming any easier in this sweater, and could mess with the edge tension and the tension of the seams.

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