Send Me Your Comments in Video!

This video makes more sense when you actually watch it on YouTube…but you can watch it here, then click the YouTube logo to be whisked away where you can leave me your video comments and questions.

16 comments on “Send Me Your Comments in Video!

  1. Awesome–Thanks–this will be soooo cool!! I’ll have one soon, I’m thinking!!

  2. Many on Knitting Paradise have mentioned your vides. Found you on youtube before KP. Going to try flicking. New to knitting so am looking for the style that fits with my needs. Seems like continental has been the best so far. What I find so cool about your videos…. prepared and the overhead camera with contrast of yarn against background. thanks for listening ~Pat~

  3. Love your videos! I was fixing to cast on the fiona baby dress and I noticed a bunch of awesome mods on ravelry. I would love to learn how to modify a pattern.

  4. Anna – we’ll be covering this a little in my upcoming woman’s sweater tutorial. There are a bajillion ways to modify a pattern, but in that lesson we’ll be talking about getting a good fit on a sweater.

    S t a c i

  5. ur tutorial videos are amazing really i learn alot from it 😀
    by any chance can you make one about turkish cast-on ?
    thank you for ur effort you are an amazing teacher 🙂

  6. Hi staci, you know I love your videos and was just wondering have upu ever thought of doing a tutorial on toy knitting. How to make them, stuff them and sew them together. I do quite a bit of toy knitting and love it. Just a thought.

    Jay (themaleknitter) x

  7. Hi,

    I am not commenting on the video. I just did not know how to contact you to ask a question. I love your video’s by the way. I leaned to knit socks by watching you.

    My questions is how do I read a knitting chart. I have been all over the internet and I can only find a couple, but I still have a lot of questions because I’ve never read one before.

    I need some sort of tutorial. I just get more confused. I have a scarf patten I want to knit but I have to follow a chart (OMG). Can you help direct me to the information I need. I am willing to buy a video on the subject if it will help me


    Georgia in Michigan

  8. I am knitting a Bedouin Bag and the directions say to:

    insert the tip of the right-hand needle in the next stitch knitwise, pick up
    the back of the corresponding stitch 5 rounds below, and knit the 2 stitches together.

    I’m not sure how to do this. Can you help

  9. thank u, for the clear knit instructions . i did order sock , info. and have found i am able to learn from u. and your prices fit my budget . please add a lace toe up sock. judy

  10. Hi Judy – thanks for the note! I have a toe-up lace sock pattern, but no tutorial for that pattern. Instead, I have a plain toe-up tutorial, and once you complete that, you’ll be ready to work my toe-up lace sock pattern. The techniques used are the same. Make sense? Here are the links –

    free toe-up lace sock pattern:

    S t a c i

  11. Hi Staci,

    I am having a great deal of trouble with carpal tunnel and pain in my shoulder which I believe is due in part to excessive knitting. I notice the way you thow your yarn rather than the way I do (continental). Your way seems less stressful. I am trying to learn how, but it seems so cumbersome at first. Do you always knit at a table? Any tips you may have to alleviate this pain and numbness would be greatly appreciated.

  12. hi Staci, I’m knitting this scarf and wanted to know if there was a wrong side and a right side??? I,m not sure if I’m picking the turn and wraps up correct, how can I send a photo so you could take a look…

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