His Highness’ Every Wish

I guest blogged on the Basenji Rescue site today about how Ike has become a demanding monster, and how I’m trying to fix it. (Which includes ruining my own relaxing mornings.)

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  1. I would send you my textbooks from my applied behavior analysis classes, but we just got a new rescue kitten here. I need all the help I can get.

  2. I have a Yorkie that I got from Yorkie Rescue me and she can go outside and go to the bathroom and still run downstairs to urinate on the carpet. I have had her for 3 to 4 years and still can’t break this bad habit because half of the time she is so fast, I can’t catch her in the act.

  3. I’d just convince him that whining was the same thing as hitting the snooze button. But my schedule is extremely flexible and I can sleep in or read/knit in bed a few days for training if needed. With you getting up earlier, his internal clock is likely to adjust to the new schedule fairly quickly and you’ll return to the same problem, except earlier.

    Alternatively, you could change the schedule so that meals come later in the morning, after you’ve been active doing other things for a while.

    For toileting problems, including asking out when it isn’t really needed, I return to house training boot camp, which means all trips out are on leash so that the only option is to toilet or be bored at the end of a leash. My ancient retired service dog developed a sense of entitlement (which I encouraged) and decided he’d like to play in the back yard at 3 am. Standing outside on a leash wasn’t fun for either of us, but that was the point. I’m back to sleeping through the night and playing at decent hours on my own schedule. With this approach, if a dog does need to go, he can, but if he has ulterior motives, they won’t be satisfied or reinforced.

    I enjoy your knitting videos and recommend them often. The production value is excellent and the demonstrations and explanations are always clear and correct. You rarely find all of those qualities in one video online but yours are the exception.

  4. This sweet make a wish blog post inspired me to make my own wish….have you or could you do an entralac video? I love your site!!!!!!!

  5. I love my rescue mutt, and it is true, she does spend her life thanking me – even though she is now 13 and was rescued at only 3 months!!

    Anyway, while she is an angel most of the time, and positive reinforcement works most of the time, there is occasionally cause for me to tell her she is being naughty. For example, when she is ‘helping’ me eat dinner and her nose is almost touching my plate. I tell her firmly to lie down and be a good dog. She does it straight away and is soon rewarded with a little scrap.
    I think all dogs can get a bit spoilt sometimes (and they’re so cute you just want to spoil them!) but just telling them to stop doesn’t hurt. When they know they are doing the right thing we are both happy.

  6. I need to add another comment!
    My dog was just talking to me, and we were having a little conversation about how she wanted dinner.
    I realised that you have vocal dogs too. How about next time Ike ‘talks’ to you, ask him what the problem is.

    I will elaborate:
    Matilda: “Whine… Woof woof!”
    Me: “What’s the matter? Do you have a problem?”
    Matilda: “Woof! Woof! Woof!”
    Me: “Do you need to go for a walk?”
    Matilda: (silence)
    Me: “Are you hungry”
    Matilda: “Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!” (looks very excited)
    Me: “Ok, let’s get some dinner” and she runs to her bowl.

    Of course, she can be tricky, and will sometimes ask me for dinner and treats when she has had more than enough. Then I just say to her “No, you’ve had dinner already! No more!” She accepts that and goes to lie on her bed. Surely Ike accept that the answer is sometimes no too.

    Sometimes I say “Show me what your problem is” if none of the usual things are the problem and she runs to what she wants, such as a toy stuck under the sofa.
    Give talking to your doggies a try. We love our doggy conversations!

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