Steam Blocking

This is a handy technique that I talk about and use all the time! It’s super useful for smoothing out your knitting prior to seaming knitted pieces together.

Links to things you’ll see in this video:

The mannequin is wearing my Spiral Scarf, free pattern and video tutorial.

The sleeve sample I use for demonstration is my Ombre Dyed Sweater, pattern and video tutorial.

7 comments on “Steam Blocking

  1. Hi staci!!! I’m priya. thats was very good video on steam blocking… Does that make sense if ask u to make a video on all the different types of yarn fibres that are available on the market and the best way to block each one of them… or even a text response would do.. thank u. I especially want it for acrylic right nw…

  2. Hi Stacy,
    autumn has its downsides, but fog is great for us knitters: I put my knitting outside overnight and it soaks up the moisture of the nightly or morning fog. I do this with current projects and with finished ones. One can use it as a pre-step just to relax the fibres, then do the steam-blocking where one gets it to the measurements .
    love your videos btw. keep up the good work ^x^

  3. Staci,
    Could you tell me where you got the blocking boards pictured in this video? It’s nice and big and has the grid. I’m having a hard time finding similar ones.


  4. Hi Staci –
    Do you ever steam block acrylic yarn? I have always used natural fibers but I’m wondering if you can block acrylic successfully? If so – how.

  5. Thank you so much for the video on steam blocking. I find all of your video (tips, techniques, and suggestions) extremely helpful.

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