Bulky Sleep Socks Tutorial

bulky socks SM
Cold feet? These bulky slipper socks, made of wool, are just the ticket to keep your feet warm all winter. They also knit up quickly, and therefore make good holiday gifts. Even if you’ve never knit socks before, the bulky yarn makes these toe-up socks easy, and will teach you the skills necessary to knit other toe-up socks patterns.

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Sizes: Kids, Women, Men – any shoe size
Needles: Size 9 US double-pointed needles (5.5mm)
Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Bulky, one hank each in two colors (smallest size won’t use all of the yarn). Wind the main color (MC) into two equally-sized balls.
Additional Materials: size K crochet hook, tapestry needle for weaving in ends.
Gauge: 4 stitches per inch

Yarn Note: Worsted-weight yarn, (also called “4”, “Medium”, or “10-ply”) held double-stranded, can be used instead of bulky yarn. Just be sure to check your gauge.

Pattern + links to four-part video tutorial $8 US via PayPal. addtocart

Information on things you’ll see in this video:
The yarn in my finished socks is the same yarn I use for demonstration, which is Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Bulky. The colors you see in the video are:
Crush (pink)
Silver (gray)
Yonder (blue)
Avocado (green)

The sweater I’m wearing is a free pattern and tutorial.

The needles I use for demonstration are Knitter’s Pride Bamboo.

The nail polish I’m wearing is by Julep, color “Malala”.

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  1. Great tutorial and pattern…thanks so much for,your videos. They are always so clear and informative.

  2. Staci, I’d love to do this, but I never knitted socks before. I don’t have the yarn suggested. What else could I use?
    What is the gauge?

  3. Marylou – please read all of the pattern notes above. If you don’t have bulky yarn, you can use worsted weight, held double-stranded. The gauge is also listed above, 4 stitches per inch.

    S t a c i

  4. I purchased your “Toe-up magic loop socks” for sock weight and worsted yarn.

    To make the bulky sleep socks, do I need to purchase that pattern or can I modify it to make the sleep socks and if so, how?


    P.S. I love your videos and you’re a great instructor..you make it so easy and enjoyable to learn

  5. Hi Brenda – this is a different pattern, different gauge, different stitch counts, and includes instructions unique to this style of sock. Sorry – it isn’t that simple.

    S t a c i

  6. Ok, thanks Staci..no problem..they look like fun Christmas gifts to make so I will purchase the pattern.

  7. Staci, have you ever tried the “Twin Stitches”short row by Sox Therapist?
    They are easy and look great.
    Thanks for all you do for the knitting world.

  8. I made these for my daughters best friend. She loves them, so now I’m making more for the son in law and boyfriend of my kids! Thank you for making this so easy!

  9. Hi Staci,

    Almost finished my first sock!!! Getting a little confused about the modified yarn-over bind-off. I have watched all of your binding-off videos, but they don’t seem to match what is written in the pattern. Do you have a video specifically for the binding-off of the ribbed bed sock? If so, where can I find it? I have only made it this far by watching all of your tutorials — I am such a visual learner! Hoping to get the second sock done in time for Christmas (who am I kidding?). Just a novice, so I need lots of help. Thank you for your fantastic videos! Thanks, Shannon

  10. Shannon – here is my video on the Yarn-Over Bind-Off. This video shows the technique of yarning-over and binding-off…this technique, in combination with the pattern instructions, will give you a good BO. The only real difference between what is written in the pattern and what this video shows is the fact that the pattern isn’t working a YO between every BO stitch, but every two stitches, and the ribbing is maintained. Just follow the pattern closely, row by row. https://verypink.com/2010/04/30/yarn-over-bind-off/

    S t a c i

  11. Is it possible to pick up the wraps so that they’re hidden, or would it not work for these and other toe up socks (I tried it today and it looked better on the knit side but more holey on the purl side)? Is this look (wraps showing along the toes and heels) just a given for toe up socks knitted in this manner?

  12. Sam – yes, the wraps&turns used in toe-up socks like these are considered a decorative part of the construction.

    I have a video on German Short Rows coming out next week, which you may prefer.

    S t a c i

  13. I’d love this pattern, but when I hit the ‘add to cart’ button, I get sent right back to THIS page. Help?

    I have the perfect yarn, and my ninety year old father who really needs them….

  14. Thanks, Staci!

    I went to Ravelry, got the sock pattern (and replied to you via e-mail). I’m a happy camper. I enjoy your videos; they are very helpful (even though I DO ‘pick’ rather than throw and I also purl funny). It all works out. πŸ˜‰

  15. I have made 2 pair so far (in opposite color schemes because I had enough left over yarn to do that), sleep in one pair and, I swear, I sleep the sleep of the dead when I wear them. I don’t get it, but they are magic!!

  16. Pam – I totally agree! I have been sleeping in mine for a few weeks now, and I never wake up in the night with cold feet. I also wear them around the house in the mornings. They are magic!
    S t a c i

  17. Sharon – not sure why you’re having trouble…please watch the German Short Rows video again, there is nothing “not to work”. You just do the technique on the last stitch (by pulling on it and making it double), then knit that double-stitch as one when you’re “picking up the wraps” as the pattern instructs (or not-wraps, as the German Short Row technique is).

    S t a c i

  18. Hi Staci,
    I just wanted to say thank you for all your excellent video tutorials and to tell you how much they have helped me. In particular, your Entrelac demonstration provides such a simple, easy to follow explanation of the steps that it is now possible for me to knit this beautiful technique. Your skill at explaining knitting methods in a comfortable, easy-going way always puts me at ease. I know if there is ever a difficult challenge for me to conquer, you will have the answer. Thanks again, and happy knitting!

  19. Just finished my first pair of these. Easy to follow pattern for the beginner especially with the video. And very comfortable even with the cheap acrylic yarn I used.
    Will be making plenty more!

  20. Dear Staci,

    I’ve just finished my first sock and really love this pattern. My brother has seen them at my house and we really wants a pair. Problem: he’s got the biggest feet on the planet, e. g. they are very very wide. Is there a stitch count you could tell me for bigger/wider socks please?

    Thank you,

  21. Hi Anke – this pattern is only written for average-width feet, but they are pretty stretchy. You could try using a larger needle size (knitting in a larger gauge) to get a sock to fit a wider foot, and you wouldn’t need to mess with the numbers in the pattern.

    S t a c i

  22. Staci- Hi I bought this pattern to learn to knit socks and use Dpns. I have two types of yarn wool-ease chunky and wool-ease thick and quick which one do you recommend?

  23. Melissa – I can’t remember which is which, but one of those yarns is really chunky, and probably too chunky for this pattern. Use the thinner one.

    S t a c i

  24. Hi Staci,
    I’ve made these socks for a friend and she loves them. She loves them so much that after a few month of wear she’s worn a hole in the heel! Please could you do a tutorial on darning? Or have you done one already? I have no clue how to do it but I’m sure we can mend them.
    Thank you

  25. Hi Frances – all of my patterns are PDF downloads. After you purchase, you are instantly and automatically emailed your download link, which will be sent to the email address you have on file with PayPal.

    S t a c i

  26. Hi Staci,
    How do you wash your wool socks such as these? Hand wash? wool wash? I’m thinking I might use the Superwash Wool of the Andes Bulky.

  27. Michelle – you have to follow the directions on the yarn label to be safe. For superwash socks, I machine wash, and set out flat to dry.

    S t a c i

  28. Hi Staci
    This pattern was my first venture into sock making and I just love them! I am from the UK and I love all your videos. I’ve knitted and crocheted for 40 years but my passion was rekindled about 4 years ago and now I’m rarely at home (or away) without needles/hook in my hands! Xx

  29. In your written instructions short row toe states knit or pearl but your video states slip the first to several stitches. I am going two at a time toe up am I misunderstanding the instructions?

  30. Ive made 2 pair with the wrap and turns but now I want to do judys Magic cast on and m1 increases. How many stitches do I cast on for each needle using Wool
    Of the Andes chunky yarn?
    Nay yarn?

  31. Hi Staci, I just purchased this pattern and will be using a different brand of yarn. Can you give me an estimate of how many yards I will need or how many grams? I have some worsted weight that I want to use but not sure if I have enough. I love all your tutorials and I have downloaded several of your patterns! Thank you for all the videos!!! I wouldn’t be able to knit without them…and I’m even a true left handed knitter!

  32. I’m loving my first sock project. So fun to knit with yummy bulky yarn.

    My question is theoretical: Why wrap stitches on the short rows? Why not just slip or decrease/increase?

    Obviously, there’s a reason. I’m just having trouble sorting it out in my head.

    (Can I get credit for resisting the expression “wrapping my mind around it”?)

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