Pinhole Cast-On

The Pinhole Cast-On can be used when working just a few stitches on double-pointed needles, and it is unique in that it can be tightened, leaving no hole or gap in the very center of your work.

The pattern for the square swatches I show in the video is as follows:
CO 8 stitches, divide between 4 double-pointed needles, then K around all stitches.
Row 1: KFB all stitches
Row 2: K around all stitches
Row 3: *KFB, K2, KFB*, repeat on other 3 needles
Row 4: K around all stitches
Row 5: *KFB, K to last stitch, KFB*, repeat on other 3 needles
Row 6: K around all stitches
Repeat Rows 5 and 6 to desired size, BO normally.

Information on things you’ll see in this video:
The double-pointed needles I’m using are Knitter’s Pride Bamboo.

The bulky yarn I use for demonstration and on the finished piece is Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Bulky, in colors Yonder, Crush, and Silver.

The sweater I’m wearing is a free pattern + video tutorial, which can be found here.

The French Market Bag I mention in the video is a free pattern (not my design) and can be found here.

The nail polish I’m wearing is by Julep, color “Malala”.

11 comments on “Pinhole Cast-On

  1. WOW! You are really adding some neat skills to my knitting abilities!

    What can I make with this one: round eyes for a Despicable Me Minions face, a top down hat that I have been wanting to get started with no instructions on how to do it.

    OOOH I really like your video tips 🙂

  2. Could you continue on with your sample pattern and change to circular needles to make a baby blanket?

  3. Sallie – the video is live and running fine, so I’m guessing that your internet connection might be affecting the viewing of the video. You can try again, the video is there and ready for viewing!

    S t a c i

  4. Wow Thanks Staci! I am going to try this to make a baby blanket. I love working from the center out. Your simply the best.

  5. The pinhole cast on video referenced a link to a video for helping with working with d p n s with only a few stitches But there is no link and I couldn’t find a video on the site my pattern starts with 4 stitches

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