2 x 2 Tubular Cast-On

This cast-on is great for the brim of hats, and can be easily substituted in if the hat pattern calls for a regular 2×2 rib.

You can see my 1×1 Tubular Cast-On video here.

Instructions for working this cast-on:
1. Using a provisional cast-on and scrap yarn, cast-on HALF of the total number of stitches you need.
2. Starting at the slip knot end with a knit row, knit 4 rows of stockinette stitch (knit a row. purl a row).
3. Remove the provisional cast-on and slip those stitches on to another needle, line up those needles.
4. Knit 2 knit stitches from the front needle, 2 purls from the back needle, repeat those Ks and Ps across all of the stitches.
5. If you are joining in-the-round, this is the time to join in-the-round.

The yarn I used for demonstration is Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Bulky.

The needles I use for demonstration are Knitter’s Pride Bamboo DPNs.

My nail polish is by Julep, color “Evan”.

6 comments on “2 x 2 Tubular Cast-On

  1. I love this. Just beautiful! Would this also be a good cast on for socks knit from the cuff down? Thanks!!

  2. I may just having a mental block on how this will work, but how do you translate this to circular needles, to do in the round, like with a brim of a hat? I love the look of the edge!

  3. Hi, Staci
    I made some hats and wanted to use a tubular 2X2 rib cast on, so I watched YouTube. I like the way you showed how to do it better. Thank you for the video.
    By the way, your new puppy is adorable!

  4. I would like to see how this is worked on a circular needle. Good video but it’s worked on a flat piece and recommended for hats?

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