Podcast Episode 84: Knitting Neurons

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Intricate installation by Neural Knitworks, a structure of almost 2000 knitted, knotted and woven brain neurons!
Pictured: artist Pat Pillai installs the Neural Knitwork with assistance from PhD student Cyrus Tan.

Casey’s website is kcknits.com.
To get your knitting question on the show, just email it to podcast@verypink.com.

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Neural Knitworks on Australia’s Science Week page, where you can download the pattern book.
Details about the Cambridge Science Festival in the UK

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Ravelry Project Challenge is posted on the homepage, a few stories down.
Discussion on For The Love of Ravelry forum
Podcast episode, This is Your Brain, This is Knitting

9 comments on “Podcast Episode 84: Knitting Neurons

  1. I don’t have a wool allergy, so I can not say for sure, but I listen often so I know that Bijou Basin Ranch (oh heyy past sponsor!) has yak yarn that is supposed to be hypoallergenic and good for people with wool allergies. Hope that helps! (Melanie from Wisconsin)

    • I love it too. I’m always happy to nerd out in new ways and what a great time of year it is to do it with yarn…
      Planning to bring the idea to the science teacher on our local school 🙂

  2. Decades ago a yarn shop owner recommended merino wool to me since I get so itchy from wool. I was afraid to do all the work and not be able to wear it. Recently I decided to take the plunge on an Elsbeth Lavold cabled vest that I could wear a thick cotton shirt underneath. I used Karabella 100% merino. No itching! Then I thought I would try a pullover with sleeves to be worn over bare skin. I used a blend of 70% merino and 30% nylon. Again, no itching! Staci and Casey were right. Try merino wool. I’m sold. Especially since I was tested for animal allergies and am allergic to just about all animals as well as birds. Even worse for me are alpaca, cashmere, and angora. So merino it is! You could start with a scarf against you bare neck or do what I did and try a vest. Ciao…Susan in Lakewood Colorado.

  3. Cool episode! Love the knitting neutron project? I totally agree on Merino and the wool allergy theory too. There are probably some people with a true allergy but most are probably suffering irritation from over processed wool.
    My thought on acrylic cables was the same as Staci’s, but curiosity got the best of me… a little searching on Ravelry proved me dead WRONG! https://www.ravelry.com/projects/search#craft=knitting&query=Cables&fiber=acrylic&sort=completed&view=thumbs
    There is a LOT of beautiful cable work being done with all kinds of straight acrylics!

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