4 comments on “Yarn Over Bind-Off

  1. Staci
    I used this bind of in rib stitch (which you mention you do in the video) and it ended up looking really loose and very sloppy compared to the rest of the work. Is there a way to work this in 2×2 ribbing that’s different? Do you have to do this bind off differently for the purl stitches as opposed to the knits? Or does it just naturally look loose because it’s stretchy? Help!

  2. Hi Amy – no, this bind-off shouldn’t look loose or sloppy. I work this in ribbing all the time, when I knit toe-up socks. To do this, just knit the knits and purl the purls, inserting a yarn-over as often as you need to for stretchiness – every other stitch or every two stitches. The stitches should still be tidy. I have a feeling that you’re probably just not keeping tight enough tension as you do it.

    However, when I use this BO for socks, the cuff edge of the socks does look fluted and ruffled until the sock is actually on a foot. Maybe that’s what you’re thinking looks sloppy?

    Hope that helps!
    S t a c i

  3. Staci,
    I was in a yarn shop today and looked at a knitted shawl and noticed it had a different a very nice looking bind off. I was told it was the Suspended BO. Is it possible for you to put this BO on your YouTube channel?

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